Abraj Kudai the World’s Largest Hotel in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Abraj Kudai Hotel Architect

Saudi Arabia has planned to open the world’s largest hotel which will be named Abraj Kudai and it will be situated in Mecca. Once opened, Abraj Kudai will move ahead in terms of the number of rooms and will overpass “First World Hotel, Malaysia” and “MGM Hotel in Las Vegas” which currently are the top two hotels in terms of the number of room in the world. These two hotels have 7500 and 6198 rooms respectively. When Abraj Kudai will be ready for the customers then it will top the hotel’s list in terms of the number of rooms as this hotel has 10000 Rooms.

This mega Hotel project is part of the Saudi authorities to handle the shortage of hotels which is faced by the Mecca city especially during the time of Hajj when millions of pilgrims come from all over the World in the City. Currently, the Saudi Arabi Government authorities face the problem of full reservation of hotels during the Holy Period of Hajj and have to accommodate Hajj Pilgrims by making up temporary accommodations in tents.

This large project is a totally a Saudi Arabia Government project and will be financed completely by the Government and is expecting to cost around $3.5 Billion. The hotel is spread in an area of 1.4 million square meters.
Earlier the launching date of Arab Kudai was expected in the year 2017, but due to some financial crisis and issues the project has been delayed a long and now is expected to the launched by the end of 2019 or maximum in the early months of 2020.

Abraj Kudai Facts

This grand hotel is Designed the architects of global construction leaders company Dar Al Handasah which is known for some great and mega building structures. Abraj Kudai will have 10000 rooms, 70 restaurants, and 4 helipads. This hotel will consist of twelve towers.

Out of the 12 towers, the 10 towers will have services equal to 4-star facilities and will ensure a comfortable stay for different types of visitors to Mecca city and the remaining two towers will provide the facilities equal to a five-star hotel. The 10 towers out of 12 will have 30 floors whereas the rest two will have 45 Storey.

As this Hotel is governed by the Saudi Government, so there is some special reservation for the Saudi Royal Family and the five floors will be exclusively for the Royal family and their guests.

The basements of Arbaj Kudai will consist of everything including commercial venues, like convention centers, shopping malls, a garage which can accommodate more than 2500 cars. In addition to this, there will be a bus stop that will handle residents from all over the city mainly to the Holy Haram which is not far away from this hotel and is located about just 2 km from it.

Details about Abraj Kudai Hotel

Abraj Kudai is the answer to some sincere and dreamy answers to the question when someone asked about what is a luxury.

Abraj Kudai is not only a hotel that is distinguished, elegant, refined and expensive but also exclusive, original and will satisfy every need of its guests. After the opening of Abraj Kudai, the World of luxury in the line of Hotels will touch and set up new trends.

Like any other luxury Hotels, the Abraj Kudai will provide the following basic facilities to its guests and a lot of other high-class facilities.

  • Presence of more than 70 restaurants
  • Multiple 24 hours a day reception.
  • Multiple fast lifts and elevators.
  • Large-sized rooms with facilities of 4 and 5-star standards.
  • Large Car parking to accommodate thousands of cars.
  • Free Wi-fi Internet facility.
  • Multiple suite rooms.
  • Luxury Car Rental Facility.
  • Spa, Gym and Wellness Centers.
  • 4 Helipads
  • Many Shopping Centers.

The hotel will use the latest and World-class technology to offer comfort and leisure to visitors. The Arbaj Kudai Hotel is a rare example of beauty, uniqueness, and Royalty. This hotel is sure to give a live unique, special and exclusive experience to its guests. As Saudi Arabia is known for some large structures and mega projects, the Arbaj Kudai Hotel is another milestone and feather in its wings. The presence of such high-class facilities will make this hotel a Worth deal for the visitors.

Abraj Kudai Distance from Haram

Abraj Kudai hotel is located Mecca central zone’s Manafia area and its distance from Holy Mosque of Masjid al-Haram is only 2.2 Km which is just 2 minutes drive. just 2.2km south of the Masjid al-Haram.

Owner of Abraj Kudai Hotel

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance is the owner of Abraj Kudai Hotel. All the constructions, maintenance and funding for this hotel is managed by Saudi Arabia Ministry of Finance.

Important highlights and facts about Abraj Kudai:

Abraj Kudai ArchitectDar Al-Handasah
Abraj Kudai Location & Address4174 Ajyad, Ar Rawabi, Makkah 24233, Saudi Arabia
Abraj Kudai Hotel Room RatesAround $5000
Abraj Kudai Hotel Opening DateEarly 2021
Abraj Kudai Hotel Restaurants70
Abraj Kudai Hotel Helipads4
Abraj Kudai Hotel Floors45

Abraj Kudai Architect

Abraj Kudai is a great iconic symbol of Saudi Arabia and will represent a unique building of its kind. But the whole credit of this iconic building will go to the engineers and architects who have designed this.

Spread in an area of over 645 830 square feet, Abraj Kudai hotel is designed by the famous Architect company Dar Al-Hadassah. Abraj Kudai is the perfect combination of art and technique. Whereas the interior design of this hotel is designed by the Areen Hospitality company which is based in London.

Abraj Kudai Restaurants

Restaurants are the first places among tourists and residents all over the World. Restaurants are hearts of any 5-star or 7-star luxury hotels, then how can Abraj Kudai be behind it. It has a long list of restaurants which counts up to 70.

Abraj Kudai is the center of best restaurants where the guests can enjoy the best cuisines from all around the world including Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai and other major Asian and other countries. These restaurants will also serve a long list of traditional as well as other famous Saudi Cuisine.

Abraj Kudai is going to have lots of luxury restaurants which will not only allow the guests to take a distinctive view of the city but also to enjoy a large number of distinctive dishes.

Abraj Kudai Hotel Spas

After a long tiring week, everyone wants to have a relaxing weekend. Health, wellness, and relaxation are the synonyms of Spa and this is the thing, the Abraj Kudai offers to its guests at its best. Abraj Kudai has lots of Spas where the customers can have the best and relaxing massage, fresh and thermal water baths, scrubs, saunas and much more. These Spas will allow the guests to have beautiful views around the hotel with a truly unforgettable and relaxing experience.

Abraj Kudai Hotel Rooms Rates

As Abraj Kudai is the largest hotel in the World with lots of ultra high-class facilities and amenities, so it is not going to be in reach of everyone, especially common and middle-class people. It is difficult for all people to get the dream of spending a day or night in this hotel as the price of the Abraj Kudai Hotel is expected to be more than $5000 per night stay for a single room.

Abraj Kudai Hotel Room Booking

Abraj Kudai is still under construction and still, there is some time in its opening, so booking for Abraj Kudai is not open yet. But after its inauguration, the rooms can be booked from all major hotel booking sites like booking.com, expedia.com, tripadvisor.com, agoda.com and more.

Abraj to Break the Guinness Book of World Record for Largest Hotel:

‘The First World Hotel’ of Malaysia which has 7351 rooms is currently the World’s largest hotel.
Featuring a total of 7,351 rooms, bur when the under construction Hotel Abraj Kudai of Saudi Arabia will be opened which is not expected to be in earlier 2021, then it will break the record for the largest Hotel in the World.

As mentioned above this hotel was planner to open in 2017, but due to many financial problems, its launching has been delayed several times and now its new launching date is earlier months of 2021. The Abraja Kudai hotel will have 10000 room which are much more than The First World Hotel.

In addition to this Abraj Kudai hotel will have 12 towers as compared to the 2 towers of The First World Hotel. So after opening Abraj Kudai will surpass The First World Hotel in terms of number of room and will make an entry into Guiness Book as the World’s largest Hotel.

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