Axis Bank Fastag – Retail Login, Recharge & Customer Care Number

Table of Content

  1. How to get Axis Bank FASTag?
  2. What are the benefits of using Axis FASTag?
  3. How to Apply Axis Bank FASTag?
  4. Axis Bank FASTag Apply Online
  5. Axis Bank FASTag Apply Offline
  6. What are Axis Bank Fastag Charges
  7. Axis Bank FASTag Issuance Charges
  8. Axis Bank FASTag Threshold Charges
  9. Axis Bank FASTag Retail Login
  10. How to Recharge Axis Bank Fastag Recharge?
  11. Axis Bank FASTag Recharge Through NEFT/RTGS
  12. Axis Bank FASTag Recharge By Using UPI
  13. Axis Bank FASTag Recharge By Using Axis Bank ETC Portal
  14. Axis Bank FASTag Recharge through Auto Debit
  15. Axis Bank FASTag Tracking
  16. Axis Bank FASTag Customer Care Number
  17. Where to Stick Axis bank Fastag Sticker in Car

How to get Axis Bank FASTag?

Axis Bank along with a partnership with IHMCL has launched an electronic Toll collection system known as FASTag. FASTag has been made necessary by the government of India from December 15, hence many banks have started issuing the tag which is a rectangular tag of 10 cm * 5 cm having antenna and chip in it which works on Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID).

The tag is pasted on the front windshield of the four-wheeler which will be detected by RFID readers on Toll Plazas on national highways and toll tax will be deducted automatically from your FASTag wallet.

What are the benefits of using Axis FASTag?

  • Ease of payment –One does not have to stop to pay cash at the toll plazas and thus can save time too.
  • Cash-back offer: FASTag usage gives 10% cashback on all the Toll payments across India in the first year.
  • Online Recharge – Fast Tag can be recharged online through various modes i.e. Credit Card / Debit Card / NEFT/ RTGS or Net banking.
  • Ease of Tracking – SMS alerts for every transaction at toll plazas.
  • Online Portal for customers
  • FASTag has 5 Years of validity.

What are the documents needed to apply for a new Axis Bank FASTag?

You need to submit the following documents along with the application for FASTag:

  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle.
  • KYC documents as per the category of the vehicle owner.

Document Required for Axis Bank Corporate Fastag

Existing Customer:

  • Submit Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle
  • Payment of a one time fee of Rs.200 plus taxes
  • Payment of Security Deposit as per vehicle type as per table given below
 New Customer:
  • Submit Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle
  • Payment of a one time fee of Rs.200 plus taxes
  • Payment of Security Deposit as per vehicle type as per table given below
  • Open a current account with Axis Bank which can be linked to the tag

How to Apply Axis Bank FASTag?

It’s very easy to get Axis Bank FASTag for your four-wheelers. There are two ways to get your vehicle registered with FASTag. If you don’t want to go to the bank you can apply by submitting the application online and if you are comfortable going to the point of sale location of Axis Bank, you can apply for it offline

Axis Bank FASTag Apply Online

Follow the steps mentioned below to get your FASTag online from Axis Bank:


  • Go to axis bank’s website or click axis bank fastag apply link.
  • If you have an axis bank account fill in the account number, vehicle number, and captcha to continue.
  • If you are not having axis bank account numbers than fill in your mobile number, vehicle information, and captcha.
  • After you filled the first form, then you will be proceeding to vehicle information form where you will be required to fill all
  • your necessary details are given in the form.
  • You will need to select a KYC document which can be Aadhar card, voter card, or Pan card and also a scanned copy of the registration certificate of your four-wheeler which you need to upload.
  • Verify the details filled in the form and enter the captcha.
  • Click on the validate button to proceed after reviewing your form.
  • Make the payment shown on the screen and you have successfully applied for FASTag online.

Axis Bank FASTag Apply Offline

When you will apply for axis bank FASTag offline, it is necessary to take your vehicle to the Point of Sale location of Axis Bank. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get your Axis Bank fastag offline:

  • Go to any Axis Bank Point of Sale location along with your vehicle.
  • Go to Banking Officer and ask for Axis Bank fastag form.
  • Fill the form and get it signed by the owner and hand it over to the officer.
  • Give the required documents to the banking representative which are KYC documents such as Aadhar card, voter card, document for the vehicle which is registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle, a photograph of the owner.
  • Pay the fees to the bank after submitting documents and your FASTag account will be created.

What are Axis Bank Fastag Charges?

The axis bank charges the fees according to the class of the vehicle. The issuance fees for the tag is the same for all the classes of the vehicle. The main components included in the Axis Bank FASTag charges are security deposit, tag issuance fees, and threshold amount which is necessary for the activation of the tag. Let’s see the charge for the tag in the table given below:

Axis Bank FASTag Issuance Charges

ParticularsAmount (INR)
Tag Issuance fee (one time)0/- (inclusive of taxes) *Free FASTag limited period offer
Reissuance Fees100/- (inclusive of taxes)
Security Deposit200/- (inclusive of taxes)

Let’s see the tag issuance charges, security deposit required and threshold amount for the Axis Bank Fastag for vehicle class 4,5,6,7, 12, 15, and 16. The color of the tag issued also depends on the class of the vehicle.

Axis Bank FASTag Threshold Charges

Vehicle ClassVehicle Class DescriptionThreshold amount
4Car / Jeep / Van160
4Tata Ace and Similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle160
5Light commercial vehicle 2-axle/ MiniBus250
6Bus 3-axle500
6Truck 3-axle500
7Bus 2-axle / Mini-Bus350
7Truck 2-axle350
12Tractor / Tractor with trailer550
12Truck 4-axle550
12Truck 5-axle550
12Truck 6-axle550
15Truck 7-axle and above650
16Earth Moving / Heavy Construction Machine550

Axis Bank FASTag Retail & First-time Login

When you apply for axis bank FASTag online or offline, you will need to generate a User Id and Password for your Fastag wallet. After you register you can go to Axis Bank Fastag first time login and see all the transactions related to your FASTag accounts. You can also make complaints on your account regarding any discrepancy that occurred during Electronic Toll Collection at Toll Plazas through your account.

Check Here Step by Step Guide of How to Login Axis Bank Fastag

How to Recharge Axis Bank Fastag Recharge?

After the issuance of Fastag for your vehicle you can zip through the national highways without getting stranded in the long queues at the toll plazas. But somehow you get low on the balance on your FASTag account, you will have to recharge your wallet. Axis Bank FASTag provides various options to get your Fastag wallet recharged. Let’s have a look at various modes by which we can get our FASTag account recharged: 

Axis Bank FASTag Recharge Through NEFT/RTGS

  • A person having an axis bank account needs to login to their banking website or if they have a mobile app they can log in on the mobile.
  • The next step is to add the vehicle you have registered for FASTag as a beneficiary. You will need to put the registration number of your four-wheeler or Fastag Wallet Id as a beneficiary.
  • Enter the IFSC CODE of the bank which in case of Axis Bank is UTIB0000ETC.
  • Your vehicle gets added as beneficiary and now you can recharge your Fastag wallet through NEFT/RTGS.

Axis Bank FASTag Recharge By Using UPI

UPI has become one of the most convenient modes for payments nowadays. Axis Bank also provides the option to recharge your Fastag wallet through UPI. You can recharge your AXis Bank Fastag walled by using the following address: netc.<10 digit registered vehicle number >@axisbank This method of recharge will not work if your vehicle number is very old and is not of 10 digits.

Axis Bank FASTag Recharge By Using Axis Bank ETC Portal

  • Login to the ETC portal of your Axis Bank FASTag account.
  • Go to Menu->Road User Center ->Payment and Top-up -> Recharge, a recharge here can be done using a debit card, credit card, net banking, and UPI.

Axis Bank FASTag Recharge through Auto Debit

If you are an existing Axis Bank account holder, you need to send an email to mentioning the threshold amount. Whenever balance will go blow threshold amount in your FASTag wallet, your wallet will get recharged by auto debiting the amount you mentioned in your email.

Axis Bank FASTag Tracking

If you have not received your FASTag after you have applied it through the ETC portal of the bank, there is a facility to track your FASTag order. Axis Bank FASTag Tracking can be done through the tracking link of Bluedart where you need to put the registered vehicle number as a reference number. It will take 7-8 days to reach the FASTag to your mentioned address filled in the form in case of urban areas and 15 days for sub-urban areas.

Axis Bank FASTag Customer Care Number

You might face some problems related to your Axis Bank Fastag. Some of the common problems are:

  • Toll Plaza not accepting your FASTag.
  • FASTag is not readable at toll even when it is an inactive state.
  • Your FASTag got blacklisted.

To handle all the problems mentioned above there is a helpline number provided by the bank for its FASTag customer. You can make a call at the number mentioned below which will provide you assistance for your FASTag related issues. Axis Bank FASTag Customer Care Number: 1800 419 8585

What do I do in case I am selling my car/Buying a second-hand car, bearing an Axis Bank FASTag?

In case you are selling your car, please remove (destroy) the FASTag issued to it and close its linked wallet. On purchase of second-hand cars (bearing a FASTag) too, you shall need to remove its existing tag and issue a fresh FASTag under your name.

I have two vehicles, can I use one Axis Bank FASTag for two vehicles?

No, you will need to take two separate FASTags for the two vehicles.

Can I avail the Axis Bank monthly pass?

Yes, you can avail the monthly pass and the facility is specific to each toll plaza. This can be availed through the toll plaza or through the NHAI website.

How do I block the Axis Bank FASTag account, in case my vehicle is lost?

You can call the customer care no. 18004198585 and block your FASTag account.

What are the KYC documents required to apply for Axis Bank FASTag for Corporate?

Proprietorship: PAN Card of Proprietor, Address Proof of Proprietor, Shop Act or other Firm proof

Public Ltd./ Private Ltd./ Partnership: PAN Card of the Corporate, Photo ID of signing authority, List of Directors with addressed / Name and addresses of Partners, Certificate of Incorporation/ Partnership Deed/Registration certificate of the firm.

What is the validity period of the Axis Bank FASTag card?

The tag has a validity of 5 years and after purchasing, you only need to recharge/ top up the tag as per your requirement.

How to deactivate my fastag account AXIS BANK gets my money back.

Write an email at with your customer number, wallet id, and attach a copy of RC and a canceled cheque so that amount is refunded in that account. after giving them an email call to customer care at 18004198585 and give them the interaction id they will process the complaint and your amount will be refunded to your account within 5-6 working days.

  • Read the Instruction Carefully Before Affixing.
  • Don’t paste Fastag on dirty/wet glass surface.
  • If the original adhesive is insufficient, return the fastag and get it replaced.
  • Don’t use cello tape/any supplementary adhesive to affix Fastag.
  • Don’t try to peel off and reposition Fastag.

Step 1

Remove the Adhesive liner from the tag sticker

Step 2

Install on the top middle center of the windshield from INSIDE the vehicle ( behind the rearview mirror)


Step 3

Always keep the adhesive side facing outside.


Step 4

Press the sticker gently on the windshield

Step 5

Once the sticker is pasted do not try to remove or reposition it


In Case there is any issue/clarification required during the affixation of the tag. Please contact the Toll- free Number 18004198585

Axis bank Fastag recharge IFSC code:

To recharge your Axis bank Fastag through internet banking, you need to know the IFSC code which is UTIB0000ETC. So you can follow the below steps to recharge your Axis bank Fastag with IFSC code.

  • Enter your login details to login to your Axis bank internet banking or mobile banking.
  • In the Fastag wallet id number, you have to add your vehicle as a beneficiary.
  • Now you to add IFSC code of the Axis bank ie. UTIB0000ETC.
  • You can now easily recharge your Axis Bank Fastag when the beneficiary is added.

How to change mobile number in axis bank Fastag:

If you have to change your registered mobile number in Axis bank Fastag, then read on to here to know how you can do this. It is very easy for you to update your Axis bank Fastag mobile number within a few minutes by sitting at your home. Before updating your Axis bank Fastag mobile number make sure that your Fastag is not blacklisted and minimum balance is maintained into it.

  • You have to login to your Axis bank Fastag account with your login details and registered mobile number.
  • You have to enter the OTP received on your mobile number.
  • After login, you have to click on ‘View Tag Summary Option’ and then click on the Vehicle option.
  • A new window will open up, where you will see various details like Chassis number of vehicle, Mobile number, Email id etc.
  • Here you can enter your new mobile number which you want to change.
    So you are done with changing your mobile number for Axis Bank Fastag.

How to do Axis bank Fastag KYC:

It is very important to do your Axis bank Fastag KYC, because your Fastag is linked to a prepaid account. So here we explain in detail, how you can KYC your Axis bank Fastag i.e how you can link your PAN and Aadhar Card. If your account is new or old and you have not linked your Aadhar card to the bank account, then your account may be freezed any time, so it is necessary to do the KYC with your Axis bank account.

  • First of all you have to login your Axis bank account through Internet banking by entering your login details.
  • If you are not using Axis bank Internet banking, then you have to submit a KYC form by visiting the bank branch.
  • Also don’t forget to take your original PAN Card and Aadhar Card with you while visiting the bank branch.
  • If you have internet banking, then after login go to ‘Services’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Insta Services’ option under the ‘Services’ menu.
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile no. after clicking on the Insta Services option.
  • Click on the ‘Proceed’ after filling the OTP.
  • If you don’t receive OTP on your mobile, then you can click on the Resend Option.
  • After entering OTP and clicking on ‘Proceed’ a new window will open up, where you will see an option to update PAN, Aadhar, Email.
  • So you can update your any details by clicking on these options.
  • After updating your PAN, Aadhar and Email id, you will have to fill up the KYC form where you will be asked to enter information like, In which organization you work, What is your Annual income etc.
  • Fill up these details and then click on proceed. Then your KYC will be approved.
  • You will also receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number also that you have entered the KYC details.

You can also do KYC, even if you don’t have a PAN Card. Those account holders who don’t have PAN cards have to fill up Form 60 and submit it to the bank.

Fastag Banks list with Customer Care Number

Sr No.Issuing BankCustomer Care Helpline No
1Axis Bank1800-419-8585
2ICICI Bank1800-2100-104
3IDFC Bank1800-266-9970
4State Bank of India1800-11-0018
5HDFC Bank1800-120-1243
6Karur Vysya Bank1800-102-1916
7EQUITAS Small Finance Bank1800-419-1996
8Paytm Payments Bank Ltd1800-102-6480
9Kotak Mahindra Bank1800-419-6606
10Syndicate Bank1800-425-0585
11Federal Bank1800-266-9520
12South Indian Bank1800-425-1809
13Punjab National Bank080-67295310
14Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op Bank1800-223-993
15Saraswat Bank1800-266-9545
16Fino Payments Bank1860-266-3466
17City Union Bank1800-2587200
18Bank of Baroda1800-1034568
19IndusInd Bank1860-5005004
20Yes Bank1800-1200
21Union Bank1800-222244
22Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd1800-2667183
23Airtel Payments bank400

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