Central Bank of India Fastag – How to Login & Recharge Online

When we travel by car or bus then we have to pay toll tax, which can be paid either in cash or online. When we pay through cash then a lot of time is wasted and we have to wait in long lines whereas if you make Fastag and paste it on the Front glass screen of your car, then by using this you can pay online at the Fastag lanes of Toll Plazas. This way you can easily save your time.

Now the National Toll Collection System has been started in India by the National Highways Authority of India. From 15 February 2021, it has been made mandatory for all vehicle drivers to fasten the Fastag on their vehicle’s windscreen.

After making the Fastag mandatory, the government has announced that the transport vehicle will not have fastag renewal without a fitness certificate and also there will be no third-party insurance without Fastag.  All the lines on the toll plaza will be Fastag enabled. Only one line will be available for cash payment and there too you will have to wait in a long line. In addition to this even after waiting for a long time, you will have to pay the double toll, which will add more burden on your pocket.

How to get Fastag through the Central Bank of India

There are many ways to make fastag. Whenever you cross any toll plaza, then you will find employees on the side of roads who make fastag. Another way is you can go to your bank or visit it online and have a Fastag.

Earlier NHAI only approved a list of 23 banks from where you can get or recharge your Fastag. But now the list has been expanded and various new banks like the Central Bank of India also added to this list. Now there are a total of 29 banks from which a vehicle owner can get a Fastag for his vehicle.

To get a Fastag through the Central Bank of India, follow the below steps.

  • First of all visit the official website of the Central Bank of India: https://www.centralbankofindia.co.in/
  • Here you will see the option ‘ Apply Fastag’
  • The direct link to apply Fastag at the  central bank of India is: https://www.ostaapp.com/fastag/cbi
  • Now You have to click on the ‘New Customer Registration’ option.
  • After clicking on the ‘New Customer Registration’ you will be asked to provide various details.
  • You have to enter your First name and Last Name.
  • Then you have entered your Vehicle Registration Number.
  • After that, you will have to upload your RC. You will have to upload a copy of the RC’s front page, and a copy of its backside also.
  • Then you will have to enter the amount mentioned for making the Fastag.
  • Once you enter the amount, and address page will open up, where you have to mention the address on which you want to receive your Fastag.
  • You will have to enter You Full Name, Address, Mobile Number, Email id, and 6 digit Pin Code Number.
  • After filling in the above details, your new Fastag process starts and you will receive your Fastag at the address mentioned within one week of applying.
  • After getting the Fastag and installing it on your vehicle’s screen, you will never get in trouble at any toll plaza, there you will not have to stop because the toll fees will automatically cut by FastTag itself.

How to recharge Central Bank of India Fastag

To recharge Fastag through the Central Bank of India, you should have the Central Bank of India Fastag. People who have Central Bank of India Fastag can log in and recharge their account easily by following the below steps.

  • To recharge your Fastag through the Central Bank of India, you have to first visit the website: https://www.centralbankofindia.co.in/
  • Then click on ‘Apply Fastag’ and now choose Fastag Login Option.
  • Login by entering your User id and Password.
  • You can log in by using four ways ie. by entering your User Id, Vehicle Registration Number, Wallet Id, or Phone Number.
  • After doing login, you will see various options. Here you have to click on the Recharge option.
  • In the next step, you have to click on the Wallet Id of your Fastag.
  • Once you click the Wallet Id, you will be asked to enter the amount, you want to recharge your Fastag with.
  • Enter the Recharge Amount and then click on Recharge Now option.
  • Now select the Payment option.
    You can select one of the various payment options like Credit/Debit card, net banking, etc.
  • After choosing the desired payment option, make the payment.
  • Now your Fastag recharge is done through the Central Bank of India.

Recharging Central Bank of India Fastag using MyFastag App

Another way of Recharging your Central Bank of India Fastag is by using MyFastag App. You can recharge your Central Bank of India Fastag by using MyFastag App as below:

  • Download the MyFastag App on your Mobile Phone from Play Store.
  • After downloading and installing the MyFastag App, you have to open this App.
  • Here you will see two options to recharge your Fastag: Using UPI and Using Your Bank.
  • Now you have to click on the UPI option to recharge your Central Bank of India Fastag.
  • After clicking on the UPI option, you will see a list of various banks. Here you have to choose your bank eg. Central Bank of India in our case.
  • After this Enter the Vehicle Number and then click Submit.
  • Here you will see the VPA ie. Virtual Private Address which is your Vehicle number and the UPI address made by Fastag issuer bank.
  • Now you have to click on Validate Option.
  • After verifying your vehicle number, a green tick will appear.
  • Enter the Fastag Recharge Amount now.
  • After clicking on the Pay Now option, your payment will be done and your Central
  • Bank of India Fastag will be recharged.

How to Recharge Fastag using Google Pay

Google Pay is UPI based Mobile Payment System app. Google Pay also works like Bhim and other UPI Apps. In this app, you get a feature in which you can pay the other person without asking the UPI ID. It also saves your time.

The Google Pay app was launched by the Google Team on 17 August 2017. With the help of this app, you can instantly transfer money to any person’s bank account. UPI is a such mobile payment system where you can send money at any time and in any bank. It is not necessary that the person to whom you are sending money also has a Google Pay app, you can also transfer money directly to his bank account.

Now UPI Payment has started being accepted in many places and you do not have to move around with money in the pocket. If any person wants to pay money, then we do not need to get money by going to Net Banking or Bank, but we can send money from our mobile to someone’s bank account in less than 1 minute.

As the government has made it compulsory for all vehicles to attach Fastag, so apart from sending money to anyone, Google pay has added a new feature through which you can recharge your Fastag anytime and anywhere.

Below we are explaining the step by step procedure of how to recharge your Fastag through Google Pay App.

You can link your FASTag account to a supported bank account with Google Pay. This feature is available to users in India.

Check How to Link your bank to your FASTag account

Important: You can only link HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank accounts.
  • Open Google Pay.
  • Under ‘Suggested businesses’, tap More. If FASTag isn’t listed, tap More again.
  • Tap FASTag → Get started.
  • Enter your account information. This issuer bank is the bank that issued your FASTag. You can find the bank name on your FASTag sticker.
  • Tap Next →
  • Review the account information and tap Link account.

Follow the below steps to recharge your Fastag using Google pay.

  • Enter your Google PIN number after opening the Google Pay app on your Mobile phone.
  • A new page will open where you have to click on New button.
  • After clicking on New button the payment page will open up.
  • Now to open the Pay to option, you have to select the UPI ID or QR option.
  • After selecting the UPI ID or QR option, Enter UPI ID pop up window will open up.
  • After clicking on Verify button, the bank payment page will be opened.
  • Then make payment using Pay button after choosing the bank from the list.
  • For confirming the correctness of bank you can initially send Rs. 1 and once the transaction is
    verified, you can make full payment.
  • The payment confirmation message will arrive on your mobile phone, immediately after the
    successful payment.

List of Fastag Banks and UPI handles

Sr. No.Bank NameBank UPI Handle
1Airtel Payment Bank@mairtel
2Axis Bank@axisbank
3Bank Of Baroda@barodampay
4City Union Bank@cub
5Equitas Small Finance Bank@equitas
6Federal Bank@fbl
7HDFC Bank@hdfcbank
8ICICI Bank@icici
9IDFC Bank@Idfcnetc
10Indusind Bank@Indus
11KVB Bank@Kvb
12Kotak Mahindra Bank@Kotak
13Paytm Bank@paytm
14Punjab National Bank@pnb
15South Indian Bank@sib
16State Bank of India@sbi

For e.g. Rajan is having FASTag of HDFC bank and his vehicle number is CH01BN1234. His UPI ID will be NETC.CH01BN1234@HDFC if his vehicle number is XYZ 1234 his UPI ID will be NETC.XYZ1234@HDFC

In case you are not sure on which bank was your FASTag issued from, check the FASTag Sticker to find the bank logo / name on the top.

You can also check the SMS received from your for registration / credit of earlier transaction to your FASTag account to know your bank.

How to Recharge Fastag Using Paytm

From December 15, you will have to pay toll tax through Fastag. To travel anywhere across the country, you will need to take Fastag. The government has started charging toll tax from Fastag from 15 December 2019. In this way, you will need fastag to travel with a 4 wheeler. Fastag will be needed to pay toll tax not only for private vehicles but also for commercial vehicles. You can also recharge Fastag with Paytm Wallet.

We will tell you the method of this, but before that, we want to inform you that Fastag is an e-toll collection system. Fastag will facilitate automatic toll tax payments, which are installed on the windscreen of your vehicle. Being installed on the window screen will save you time at the toll plaza because the sensors there will identify it and your toll tax will be deducted from your Fastag account. More than 20 banks are issuing Fastag.

Before explaining how to recharge your Fastag by using Paytm, we are giving brief overview about what is Paytm

Paytm is basically a type of online wallet, in which you can keep money like your pocket wallet. And then you can use this online wallet in place of debit or credit card. However, you have to use debit or credit-card to put money in your online wallet.

The money put in your online wallet is called Paytm cash. This can be used for mobile-recharge, data-card or smart-tag recharge or bill payment. Paytm cash can be used for all Paytm apps and all types of transactions on the mobile site. In addition to these features, now you can use Paytm Wallet to recharge your Fastag account. Below are the various steps that you can follow to recharge your Fastag through Paytm.

Steps to recharge Fastag using Paytm:

  • Once you have linked your Fastag with Paytm, then recharging it is very easy.
  • You just need to have money in your paytm Wallet.
  • Once you have money in your Paytm Wallet, it will be automatically reserved for the Fastag Recharge.
  • So it means there will be no need of separate Fastag Recharge.
  • The only thing you need to keep in mind is that, you will able to pay using your Fastag at toll plaza only after 20 minutes of adding money in Paytm Wallet.

How to Recharge Fastag Using PhonePe

We are using the Internet the most in today’s time and the Internet is such a thing through which we can get all the information in a few moments, and there are many such things that we can do very easily sitting at our home from the Internet.

Online, we can make any kind of payment and can also recharge online, earlier we had to go to a shop or someone who recharges. But nowadays there are many app through which we can recharge while sitting at home. Today we will tell you about an app named PhonePe App through which you can recharge from your mobile by sitting at your home.

The Phone-Pay app is a mobile payment app, which offers a variety of payment options according to your different needs. The purpose of the phone-pay mobile wallet is to make easy and secure digital payments. It is a UPI based app that works very fast. You can use Phone-Pay Mobile Wallet as a wallet, and pay directly through your bank account, credit card and debit card.

Paying via PhonePe is very easy. Through this you can link bank accounts, transfer money, pay bills, and also recharge online through PhonePay in a simple and convenient way.

PhonePe received its license on 26 August 2014 however, in April 2016, the company was acquired by Flipkart. In August 2016, the company partnered with Yes Bank to launch a mobile payment app based on the government-backed UPI platform.

PhonePe is a financial technology company headquartered in Bangalore. It provides an online payment system based on the Unified Payments Interface i.e, a new process in electronic fund transfer initiated by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

Now the good news is that in addition to doing Phone and DTH recharge, you can use PhonePe app for recharging Fastag account in just few clicks.

Below we are explaining the step by step process to recharge Fastag using Phonepe.

  • First of all open PhonePe app if it installed in your Mobile Phone.
  • If you don’t have PhonePe app, then first you have to download it from Google play store.
  • After opening Phone Pe app, click on To Contacts option.
  • Then click on UPI ID option which is located in the header. After this you have to add
    beneficary UPI id.
  • Now click on confirm button which will open the payment page.
  • At this point, you have to enter the amount you want your Fastag to be recharged with.
  • You will receive a confirmation message on yur mobile phone after succesfull recharge of your
    Fastag wallet.

Documents required for Central Bank of India Fastag

You need the following documents for getting a new Fastag from the Central Bank of India

  • The Registration Certificate i.e RC of your vehicle
    Identity proof of vehicle’s owner. It can be a voter card, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card or Aadhar Card, etc
  • One Passport size photo of the vehicle owner
  • Documents related to address proof of vehicle’s owner

If you are applying Fastag online through the Central Bank of India, then you need to upload the scanned copy of these documents.

Charges for Central Bank of India Fastag

Fees of Issuing Fastag:

To buy Fastag through the Central Bank of India you have to pay 100 rupees. GST is also included in this.

Fastag Recharge amount:

You can recharge your Central Bank of India Fastag, from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1 Lakh.

Deposit/Security Amount for Fastag:

You need to deposit a security amount of Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 which depends upon the type of the vehicle. This security amount is refundable. You can check this security amount for different vehicles in the below table:

 (Type of vehicle)Category of VehicleColour of FastagSecurity deposit)Minimum First Time recharge
TATA Ace and Similar Light Vehicles4Violet200100
Light Commerical vehicles/Mini Bus5Orange300140
3 Axle Bus6Yellow400300
3 Axle Trucks6Yellow500300
2 Axle Bus/2 Axle Truck7Green400300
Tractor/4-5-6 Axle Trucks12Pink500300
Trucks with 7 Axle or More15Blue500300
Heavy Construction Machines/Earth Moving Vehicles/JCB Machines etc16Black500300

Validity of Central Bank of India FASTag

Central Bank of India FASTag is a prepaid rechargeable tag service. FASTag has a validity of 5 years. FASTag remains valid for 5 years. After buying Fastag, you have to only recharge it for 5 years. After that time period, you have to get your Fastag renewed.

Benefits of Using Central Bank of India FASTag

There are many benefits that a vehicle owner will get, once he buys it from the Central Bank of India

Quick and Easy Toll Payment

Before FASTag, the vehicle had to be stopped at the toll lane for toll payment and cash payment had to be made. But now you can make toll payments in a non-stop and cashless manner which is very quick and simple.

Economical benefits

Toll plaza owners require less human resources, which gives them economic benefits, and management is also done in a better way.

Less Fuel Consumption

After the implementation of FASTag, vehicles do not have to stand in line at the toll plaza, which saves fuel.

Possible to track the toll expenses

If you are going somewhere on a long drive and have to go through various toll plazas during this travel then you will continue to get a message after every transaction via SMS or Email. So in this way you can easily keep track of your expenditures of toll fees.

Recharge Online anytime and anywhere

Central Bank of India Fastag can be easily recharged through the Bank website which can be done sitting at your home anytime.

Central Bank of India Fastag Customer Care Number

You may face many problems regarding Fastag like your Fastag is blacklisted, money gets deducted from Fastag by mistake, Fastag is lost or you may Face any Technical problem while crossing a Toll Plaza. Then in any such situation, you can contact the Toll-Free number of the Central Bank of India to get any help for   Fastag.

The toll-Free number of Central Bank of India Fastag is: 1800 22 1911

Fastag Banks list with Customer Care Number

Sr No.Issuing BankCustomer Care Helpline No
1Axis Bank1800-419-8585
2ICICI Bank1800-2100-104
3IDFC Bank1800-266-9970
4State Bank of India1800-11-0018
5HDFC Bank1800-120-1243
6Karur Vysya Bank1800-102-1916
7EQUITAS Small Finance Bank1800-419-1996
8PayTM Payments Bank Ltd1800-102-6480
9Kotak Mahindra Bank1800-419-6606
10Syndicate Bank1800-425-0585
11Federal Bank1800-266-9520
12South Indian Bank1800-425-1809
13Punjab National Bank080-67295310
14Allahabad Bank1800 258 6680
15Saraswat Bank1800-266-9545
16Fino Payments Bank1860-266-3466
17City Union Bank1800-2587200
18Bank of Baroda1800-1034568
19IndusInd Bank1860-5005004
20Yes Bank1800-1200
21Union Bank1800-222244
22Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd1800-2667183
23Airtel Payments bank400
24 Canara Bank 1800-103-3568
25Bank of Maharashtra 1800 233 4526
26Central Bank of India 1800 22 1911
27 Jammu and Kashmir Bank 1800 572 1370
28 Thrissur District Cooperative Bank (Kerala Bank)

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