Chandra Taal Lake – How to Reach, Distance, Hotels

There are many lakes in Himachal Pradesh that allow tourists to spend wonderful holidays and to enjoy many beautiful places around the lakes. Chandra Taal is one such lake of Himachal Pradesh that is situated in the Lahul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. Like many other beautiful lakes of the Himachal, Chandra Taal also has many features and characteristics that make it one of the popular destinations among the tourists visiting the state, especially Lahul and Spiti districts.

There are lots of itineraries and places to explore around Chandra Taal lake.

About Chandra Taal Lake

Chandra Taal lake is located in the Lahul area of the ‘Lahul and Spiti’ District and it lies at the altitude of 14000 feet ie. 4,300 above sea level. Chandra Taal Lake is about 1 KM long and it has a width of 0.5 km i.e about 0.31 Mi. Chandra Taal Lake is one of the largest lakes of Himachal Pradesh and no doubt is one of the most beautiful lakes also as it is located in the snowy mountains of Lahul and Spiti. The lake is a perfect destination for those who are looking for an excellent weekend trip or a relaxing weekend in nature.

We are sure that, when you visit Chandra Taal Lake, you will really love its landscape and the natural aspect. The lake will surprise you with its blue chilled water and its mesmerizing surroundings.

How to reach Chandratal Lake

Chandra Taal Lake is surrounded by many scenic views and there are many things to do there for fun and cultural trip. Anyone planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh should visit Chandra Taal Lake and they will not be disappointed for sure. There are many ways to reach Chandra Taal Lake.

Through Car

The car is undoubtedly the most convenient and easiest way to reach Chandra Taal Lake. It is recommended that you should hire a car instead of traveling in your personal car. The benefit of visiting Chandra Taal Lake through a rented car is that you don’t have to worry about the route. As the route to Chandra Taal Lake is very tough, therefore in such dangerous hilly areas, it is advised to book a car.

Through Public Transport

Using Public Transport for reaching out to Chandra Taal Lake is the cheapest and the safest way. Although Public transport is not available from all the cities of Himachal Pradesh to Chandra Taal Lake and also it is not frequent, but still, there are quite a few routes and public transport is available if you are planning to visit Chandra Taal Lake.

Through Bike

The bike is another most of transport to reach Chandra Taal Lake, but it is best suited for solo travelers. A trip to Chandra Taal Lake by bike is the riskiest. For traveling by bike you should have some experience of riding in hilly areas and it also needs a lot of experience. Route from Manali is the best way to reach Chandra Taal Lake by Bike. You can easily rent a good-conditioned bike from Manali.

Through Air

Chandra Taal Lake or Lahul and Spiti district is not directly connected with an Airport. The nearest airport to Chandra Taal Lake is Bhuntar Airport, Kullu–Manali. You can reach this airport from various major cities of India and then choose any of the other transport to reach Chandra Taal Lake.

Through Train

Chandra Taal Lake is also not directly connected with any Railway station. Joginder Nagar railway station, Mandi is the nearest Railway station to Chandra Taal Lake. From this Railway station, you have to reach Manali which is at a distance of about 110 Km and then you can opt for any other transport like car, bus or bike.

Routes for Chandratal Lake

There are many routes from different parts of Himachal Pradesh to Chandra Taal Lake, but the two most popular routes are:

Route From Shimla

The distance of Chandra Taal Lake from Shimla is about 530 Kilometers and it is the longest route. The Route from Shimla to Chandra Taal Lake is Reckong Peo >Pooh >> Kaza>> Batal. There are two buses available from Shimla for Reckong Peo. The timings for these buses may changes. So for the exacts timings of these buses from Shimla to Reckong Peo, it is advised you should contact the Shimla ISBT Enquiry department.

Route From Manali

The second and the easiest way to reach Chandra Taal Lake is through Manali. Chandra Taal Lake is at a distance of about 124 KM from Manali. Although this distance of 124 KM looks a short distance, due to dangerous and bad road conditions this trip will easily take around 8-10 hours. But you can take a view of various natural places like waterfalls, Mountains, etc on this route. Two buses departs from Manali for Chandra Taal Lake and the the route is: Manali >> Rohtang pass>> Gramphu >> Chhatru >> Batal

Route From Delhi

The central capital i.e Delhi is directly connected to the most major cities of India. So anyone from the Westerns, Eastern, Southern part of the country, looking to visit Chandra Taal Lake have to first reach Delhi. From Delhi, the nearest route to reach Chandra Taal Lake is Manali. It will take around 15 hours to reach from Delhi to Manali and then another 8-10 hours from Manali to Chandra Taal Lake depending upon the mode of transport you choose.

Chandra Taal Lake Traveling Time

As mentioned above, there are different routes and modes of transport for reaching Chandra Taal Lake, so the time of traveling also differs.

Shimla to Chandra Taal Lake Traveling Time

The distance from Shimla to Chandra Taal Lake is 530 KM and due to the bad conditions of the roads, this trip will take about 3 days.

Manali to Chandra Taal Lake Traveling Time

The 124 KM distance from Manali to Chandra Taal Lake will take around 8-10 hours.

Delhi to Chandra Taal Lake Traveling Time

The distance of Chandra Taal Lake from Delhi is about 646 KM and it will take around 23 hours to 25 hours.

Where to Stay at Chandratal Lake (Hotels Near Chandra Taal Lake)

If you are searching for a comfortable stay around one of the most beautiful lakes of Himachal Pradesh, then will find a lot of options. There are many hotels and other accommodation places like Home Stay, Resthouse, etc available at very low prices to enjoy the charming and relaxing travel to the Chandra Taal Lake. These places to stay during your visit to Chandra Taal Lake will give you a breathtaking view of the sceneries around the lake. You can enjoy delicious breakfasts, lunch, or even have a romantic dinner at these hotels.

Some of the best and economic places to stay near Chandra Taal Lake are:

  • Sakya Camp Chandertal
  • The Nomad’s Cottage
  • Snow Valley Resorts
  • The Cider
  • The Chandratal Lake Camp Retreat

Although these hotels are located at some distance from Chandra Taal Lake. The most convenient and cheapest place to stay near Chandra Taal Lake is the PWD guest house at Batal. But getting accommodation in this guest house is subject to availability.

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