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Him care Card Last Date

Last Date For HIMCARE Fresh/ Renew Registration is 30 th June 2020.

What is Him care Health Scheme?

Him Care Swasthya Bima Yojana & its Benefits

A new scheme has been launched by the Governor of Himachal Pradesh (HP) which will provide free cashless treatment to the people of Himachal Pradesh. This scheme is called as ‘The Himachal Health Care Scheme’ or HIM CARE, in short.

This scheme was commenced last year in December. This scheme is sure to benefit the residents of HP as it provides a beneficiary treatment program. Pradhan Mantri Arogya Mitra (PMAM) will work in coordination with HIMCARE Yojana and it’ll be designated as HIM CARE Sathi.

This is because HIMCARE shall have some similarities with the Ayushman Bharat Yojana because the same hospitals shall be responsible for the implementation of both Ayushman Bharat Yojana and HIM CARE.

Him care Yojana in Hindi : यहां क्लिक करे

Benefits of Him care Card Insurance

  • A family floater basis treatment coverage package of Rs. 5 lakhs/year for every single family. A maximum of five members from every family can avail of this cashless treatment package.
  • A family has more than five members who can enroll their remaining members in a separate unit with a maximum of five members for every additional unit.
  • Inpatient or daycare treatment will be provided in all the enrolled hospitals on the basis of a pre-defined rate list of the particular hospitals.

How to Make Him care, Health Card,

Various premium Amounts under the Him Care Scheme for all categories are mentioned below:

Category Target group Premium amount
  • BPL (Not covered under Ayushman Bharat)
  • Registered Street Vendors (Not covered under Ayushman Bharat)
  • MNREGA workers who have worked a minimum of 50 days under MNREGA during the previous financial year or current financial year.
  • Ekal Naaris
  • Disabled >40%
  • Sr. Citizens above 70 years of age
  • Anganwari Workers
  • Anganwari Helpers
  • ASHA workers
  • Mid-Day meal workers
  • Daily Wage Workers (Govt., Autonomous Bodies, Societies, Boards & Corporations, etc. under the control of State Government),
  • Part-Time Workers (Govt., Autonomous Bodies, Societies, Boards & Corporations, etc. under the control of State Government)
  • Contractual Employees (Govt., Autonomous Bodies, Societies, Boards & Corporations, etc. under the control of State Government)
  • Outsource Employees
Rs. 365 per year
  • Beneficiaries not covered under Category-I and Category-II or who are not Govt. servants/pensioners or their dependent family members.
Rs. 1000 per year

Documents Required for Him care Card Enrollment

There are three categories under which beneficiaries are listed who will have to pay the corresponding Premium Amount and attach the concerned documents as proof. The table given represents this:

Category Documents required for authentication
BPL Copy of BPL certificate attested by the Panchayat Secretary within the previous one month.
Registered Street Vendors Registration Certificate attested by the Executive Officer, MC/NP/NAC within the previous one month.
MNREGA Worker MNREGA Job Card and Online MIS Report indicating 50 days work under MNREGA in previous or current financial year duly attested by concerned Panchayat Secretary/BDO.
Ekal Naaris Certificate to be issued by Child Development Program Officer (CDPO) of the concerned area and shall include Widows/Divorced/Legally Separated /Unmarried for more than 40 years.
Disabled >40% Medical Disability Certificate showing permanent disability.
Sr. Citizens above 70 years of age Any valid age proof
Anganwari Workers/Helpers Certificate from Child Development Program Officer (CDPO) of the concerned area.
ASHA workers Certificate from Block Medical Officer (BMO) of the concerned area.
Mid-Day meal workers Certificate from Block Elementary Education Officer of the concerned area.
Contractual Employees Certification from concerned Department
Daily Wage Worker Certification from concerned Department
Part-Time Workers Certification from concerned Department
Outsource Employees Certification from concerned Department

How to do Online Registration for Him care Health Scheme?

  • Using ecards, the HIM CARE scheme will be implemented. HP residents can enroll themselves by registering on the website www.hpsbys.in.
  • This web interface will capture the Ration Card, Aadhar Card, Mobile Number, and proof of category.
  • Beneficiaries can either apply directly via the online system or through the Lok Mitra Kendra (LMK)/Common Service Centres (CSC). Residents can pay for premium via online payment gateway.
  • Beneficiaries will receive an SMS after their enrolment is approved from the back – end and he/she can then download their E-Card issued under HIM CARE.
  • E-Cards downloading link will be available on the beneficiaries’ registered mobile number(s). these E-Cards can also be generated at the hospital level.
  • Rs. 50 will have to be paid by every family for enrolment and uploading of the documents. The LMKs or CSCs will be collecting this fee from every enrolled family.
  • Printing of the E-Card will be inclusive of this fee of Rs. 50. Beneficiaries can receive this printed card from the concerned CSC/LMK after receiving their enrollment approval message.

Important Note: HIMCARE Yojana shall include Mukhya Mantri State Health Care Scheme (MMSHCS) and Himachal Pradesh Universal Health Protection Scheme (HPUHPS). All the existing beneficiaries under these two schemes shall get all their data available on the new system with the same unique ID.

Before you fill the Himcare scheme Enrollment form, read out the following instructions carefully.

  • Visit this link to Enroll under HimCare Scheme: Click Here
  • You need to enter the Ration Card number without HP. Do cross-check that the Ration card number is the same as the scanned document which you upload.
  • For example, if your Ration card number is HP4501424682, then you just have to enter this 4501424682 in the Registration box shown in the above link.
  • Both front and backside of the Ration card need to be uploaded.
  • The document which you upload should be clear and the scanned copy of the original Ration Card.
  • Your application will be rejected in case there is any mismatch in the ration card number and it will not be possible to resubmit the application again.
  • It will not be possible for you to submit the Application form under the HimCare scheme if your Ration card is already enrolled under Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna i.e PMJAY.
  • You have to register separately for each member in case there are more than five members in your Ration Card.
  • You will register the first card by entering the Ration Card number (Without HP).
  • And for each of the next cards, you have to enter an extra 0 after the Ration Card number.
  • For example, the second card you will enter 45014246820, for the 3rd card will enter 450142468200 and so on.
  • Your application will be rejected immediately if there is any mismatch in the Aadhaar Card number.
  • Take care of the thing that, you should upload only the scanned copy of original documents, otherwise there are huge chances of getting your application rejected.
  • It will not be possible for you to edit the Application after you confirm the Application. form.
  • The Premium payment must be paid within 30 days, once you become eligible for the Premium Amount.
  • A message will arrive at your registered mobile number when your application will be processed. Please follow all the steps carefully because your application will be rejected if you provide any wrong information.

How to check Him care Card Enrollment Status?

  • Head to the official website Himachal Pradesh Swasthya Bima Yojana Society (HPSBYS).
  • Click on the ‘HIM CARE Enrollment’ tab, a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Click on ‘HIMCARE Enrollment Status’ from the drop-down that appears.
  • A page asking your ‘Reference No/Ration Card Number’ will appear.
  • Fill that in and press enter. Your enrollment status will be showcased.

How to Apply Online for Him Care Health Card Insurance

To apply online for Him care card click here

Download Himcare Health Card click here

How to Migrate Old Card to HIM CARE?

  • Go to the home page of HPSBYS website.
  • Click on the ‘HIMCARE Enrollment’ tab, a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Click on the ‘Migrate Old Card To HIMCARE’ link.
  • A page asking for your URN Number will appear, fill it up, and follow the instructions that appear next.

How to get HIM CARE Card?

To get your Himcare Card, follow the below steps: 1) visit the official site of Himcare: hpsbys.in 2) In the top menu you will see ‘HIMCARE ENROLLMENT’ 3) In the drop-down, select ‘Get My HIMCARE Card‘ 4) A window will appear as shown below:

Him Care

5) Here you have to Enter your URN or Aadhhar no. or Ration card Number 6) After adding any of the above, click Search. 7) After Clicking the search, a list will appear. Here you can download you, Himcare Card,

How to add Family Member in Him care Card

Adding a family member to HIMCARE Card is very simple.

How to Renew HIM CARE Health Card?

The concerned beneficiary shall be informed via SMS on their registered mobile number about their policy renewal date. They will also get a policy renewal link for renewing their respective policy 15 days prior to it getting expired.

Follow the steps given below to know how to renew your HIM CARE Card:

  • At the HPSBYS website, head straight to the ‘HIMCARE Enrollment’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘Renewal of Card’ link.
  • Enter your URN/Himcare Number and follow the instructions that’ll appear.

Important Note: HIMCARE Enrollment or Renewal shall be available only from January to March i.e. for 3 months every year. Policy period for every individual beneficiary shall start from the date the enrollment/renewal is approved until the next 12 months.

Is Him Care Card Valid in PGI?

Him care card is acceptable for treatment in PGI. The Card is completely valid in PGI and under the Him care scheme, patients will get the free treatment. Initially, the patient will have to pay the cost of registrations and treatment on their own.

But after this, the cost of their treatment will be reimbursed. There is a Goal market in PGI, where you have to visit both 24 of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana office. Here you will find full information about how to get reimbursement of the treatment.


RSBY stands for Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna which is a health insurance scheme run by Himachal Pradesh Govt, for the BPL(Below Poverty Line) families of the state. The Himachal Pradesh Govt has listed the families and people who will be able to get the benefit of this health Insurance scheme and these are Rickshaw workers, Mine Workers, Auto & Taxi drivers, street Hawkers, domestic workers, etc.

What is the insurance coverage under these schemes?

A health insurance coverage of up to Rs. 30,000 will be provided to the families who are eligible for this insurance. The coverage will be provided per year. Additional coverage for 175000 will be given to the families for critical illnesses and serious diseases like Cancer, coverage of up to 2,25000 per year will be given.

What is not covered under these schemes?

One of the most important things to note about the Him Care scheme is that the expenses of OPD are not included in this scheme.

In addition to this, many other expenses which occur in hospitals are not covered in Him care scheme which is:-

Illness Due to Alcohol or Drug Consumption: If an accident happened due to Alcohol consumption and if the patient has any disease due to Alcohol, then the treatment will not be covered under the Him Care scheme.

Conditions in which there is no need for Hospitalization: If an illness or disease doesn’t require the need to be admitted in hospital and if the treatment is possible through medicines i.e through OPD procedures, then these types of treatment will not be covered under Him Care.

Also, treatments like a Root canal, Filling cavities, diagnostic like X-Ray, etc, and the costs of tonics and vitamin supplements during hospitalization are not covered under Him Care.

Congenital External malformations or diseases

Congenital diseases or birth defects are all those diseases that develop in a child during conception or during pregnancy. These kinds of external diseases are also not included in Him Care insurance coverage.

Operations related to Fertility and Sterilization

Any operations, surgeries, or procedures which are related to fertility and Sterility have been excluded from Him Care.

Sterilization and Fertility related procedures

Sterility, any fertility, sub-fertility or assisted. Procedures like Hormone replacement therapy, conception procedure, and Sex change also come into this category.


Expenses inured on any type of vaccination, cosmetic surgery, and plastic surgery.

Injuries due to War

Treatment of injuries which occurs directly or indirectly due to war or any type of nuclear attacks or weapons.


Any kind of injury which occurs in the attempt of suicide.

Psychiatric problems

Any type of psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders have also been excluded.

Treatments other than Allopathy

Any type of treatment that is not through Allopathy is clearly excluded from the coverage benefits of the Him Care scheme. These type of treatments includes Homeopathy, Naturopathy, acupressure, acupuncture or any unproven procedures, etc.

Exclusions under the Maternity Benefit clause

The benefits of this scheme will not be provided in case of Maternity in the following case:

  • Coverage for the expenses will not be provided in case of voluntary termination of pregnancy, except in case of some accident or the pregnancy is terminated to save the mother’s life.
  • The hospitalization period in case of maternity is less than 48 hours from the time of delivery.
  • The insurance benefits will not be provided to those who already have two or more children.
  • Any expenses that incur Pre-natal. But if any complications occur before delivery and hospitalization is needed in that case, then it is covered in this scheme

Is OPD covered under these schemes?

As mentioned above, the Him Care scheme doesn’t provide coverage for expenses on OPD procedures. That means the expenses on tests and medicines will not be covered under Him Care. But coverage is available for some daycare procedures.

What is the concept of Hospitalization?

If a patient is admitted to the hospital for more than 24 hours, then it will be considered as Hospitalization. So coverage will be provided under the HimCare scheme under such circumstances.

But various daycare treatments will also be considered into this category and these treatments are Radiotherapy, Eye Surgery, Parenteral Chemotherapy, Haemo-Dialysis, kidney stone removal, Dental surgery due to accident, Prostrate Surgery, Nose Surgery, Throat Surgery, Urinary System surgery, Laparoscopic, Ear Surgery and some more.

Are maternity benefits covered under Him care?

Yes, maternity benefits are covered in the Him care scheme.

What is covered under maternity expenses?

All maternity expenses will be reimbursed through the Himcare scheme which is related to delivery in the hospital.

What types of deliveries are covered?

Reimbursement will be given for normal as well as cesarean deliveries. The benefit of Rs. 2500 and Rs. 4500 will be given for normal and cesarean deliveries respectively.

Is there any provision to take care of the new-born?

Himcare scheme provides the provision of automatically covering the newborn baby under this scheme.

Will the new-born baby be covered if there are already five members of the family covered

The newborn will be covered under Himcare, even if there are already five members enrolled.

Are Transportation charges covered under Him care?

Yes, the Himcare scheme provides coverage for transportation charges. Maximum of Rs. 1000 transportation charges will be paid and for cases of hospitalization, Rs. 100 will be paid per case. If hospitalization is done in case of critical care, the Rs. 300 will be paid.

Is any proof required to claim transportation charges?

No proof is needed to claim the benefits of transportation charges.

At what time the transportation charges will be paid?

The transportation charges will be paid at the time of discharge.

Who will pay Transportation charges?

The beneficiary can get these transportation charges from the hospital after discharge from where they took the treatment.

Will the coverage amount be reduced, if there are less than five people?

The coverage amount is on a floater basis. Therefore, the total amount will remain the same even if the family consists of only one member.

Is the coverage of Rs. 30,000/- (or 1, 75,000 or 2, 25,000) for single-family member or for entire family?

The HimCare insurance scheme provides coverage on a floater basis, so that means the coverage amount of Rs. 30,000/- (or 1, 75,000 or 2, 25,000) is for the entire family and is not given individually.

What is the meaning of a Floater basis?

The meaning of the Floater basis in the case of the HimCare scheme is that, the total coverage amount i.e Rs. 30,000/- (or 1, 75,000 or 2, 25,000) can be used by a single person of the family or by all members of the family jointly.

What is a pre-existing disease?

Pre-existing disease refers to a disease of which the insured person is not aware of or the disease which exists before the time of getting insured under the HimCare scheme.

Is coverage available in HimCare for pre-existing diseases?

Yes, the Himcare scheme provides the coverage for pre-existing diseases.

Is there any age limit to get enrolled under these schemes?

There is no age for the enrollment in the HimCare scheme.

What is Call Center Service for the HimCare scheme?

The Call Center service for Himcare means that the insurance company should provide help to beneficiaries through Phone calls so that the beneficiaries can contact the company anytime if they have any confusion or problem regarding the Himcare scheme.

Him Care Helpline Number

Scheme Name Queries Related to Contact Number WhatsApp
PMJAY/HIMCARE General Queries 1800-102-1142 No
PMJAY Technical Support 9599156981 Yes
PMJAY Card Approvals 9312046444 Yes
PMJAY Pre-Auth and Claims 9311407574 Yes
PMJAY Policy Matters 7307834131 Yes
HIMCARE Card Approvals 9599156981, 9312046444 Yes
HIMCARE Pre-Auth and Claims 9311407574 Yes
HIMCARE Policy 7307834131 Yes

Himcare Health Card Hospital List and Contact Number

Sno Hospital Name District Hospital Contact Hospital Email Id
1 Ayurvedic Hospital KANDRAUR BILASPUR 9418473013 NA
2 CIVIL HOSPITAL GHUMARWIN BILASPUR 1978255238 chghumarwin@gmail.com
3 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Markand BILASPUR 1978286026 chcmarkand@gmail.com
4 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Bharari BILASPUR 1978273056 bharari.chc@gmail.com
6 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE JHANDUTA BILASPUR 1978272024 chcjhandutta@gmail.com
8 Distt Ayurvedic Hospital Bilaspur BILASPUR 1978224031 dahblphp@gmail.co
9 REGIONAL HOSPITAL BILASPUR BILASPUR 1978222586 rsbyblp@gmail.com
10 Ayurvedic HospitaL Bharmour Chamba CHAMBA 9816474584 swaraj124@yahoo.co.in
11 Civil Hospital Dalhousie CHAMBA 1899242125 anilsharma9418479574@gmail.com
12 Civil Hospital Tissa CHAMBA 1896227050 bmotissa@gmail.com
13 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE BHARMOUR CHAMBA 1895225044 dheerajgupta80@gmail.com
14 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE CHOORI CHAMBA 9805677752 bmochoori@rediffmail.com
16 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Kihar CHAMBA 9805971525 anil_kumar2949@yahoo.com
17 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Killar CHAMBA 1897242246 bmokillar@gmail.com
19 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Sahoo CHAMBA 9459528536 smo.tissa@gmail.com
20 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Saluni CHAMBA 9418555990 drkssindhu3@gmail.com
21 Distt Ayurvedic Hospital Chamba CHAMBA 9418053654 dahchamba@gmail.com
22 PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE Kakira CHAMBA 9418035872 bmosamote@gmail.com
23 Referral Hospital CHOWARI CHAMBA 9805754440 mangeshwers@gmail.com
24 Medical College Chamba CHAMBA 1899222392 rana.madhu389@gmail.com
25 SWAMI SHREE HARI GIRI HOSPITAL CHAMBA 1899257044 drgurdeep@yahoo.com
26 AASTHA HOSPITAL HAMIRPUR 9418046262 aasthahospital2007@gmail.com
27 Ayurvedic Kadiar HAMIRPUR 9418444211 dahhamirpur@gmail.com
28 CIVIL HOSPITAL TAUNI DEVI HAMIRPUR 1972278434 lucky1042@gmail.com
29 COMMIUNITY HEALTH CENTRE BARSAR HAMIRPUR 1972288388 nrhmbsr.do@gmail.com
30 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Bhoranj HAMIRPUR 1972266026 mohinderpaul1968@gmail.com
31 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Galore HAMIRPUR 1972242027 bmogalore3@gmail.com
32 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Naduan HAMIRPUR 1972232248 nrhmnadaun.361@gmail.com
33 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE SUJANPUR TIRA HAMIRPUR 9816415711 dikshasoni787@gmail.com
34 Distt Ayurvedic Hospital HAMIRPUR HAMIRPUR 9418200230 neeraj.thakur87@gmail.com
35 Govt ayurvedic hospital lambloo HAMIRPUR 9418852054 dr.mukeshkumar2850@gmail.com
36 Jain Muni Ayurvedic Manvi Hospital HAMIRPUR 9418200230 dr.ankushsehgal18@gmail.com
37 Parvati Hospital HAMIRPUR 8626903774 parvatihospitaldasmal@gmail.com
38 Medical College Hamirpur HAMIRPUR 1972222222 rsbyhamirpurhp@gmail.com
39 THAKUR NURSING HOME BHAKRERI HAMIRPUR 9418353295 thakurnursinghome@gmail.com
40 ANAND HOSPITAL KANGRA 9418111400 sonalsharma1972@gmail.com
41 Ayurvedic College Hospital Paprola KANGRA 1894242941 swarajrana2012@live.com
42 Ayurvedic Hospital Dehra KANGRA 9418428298 rsbydehra@gmail.com, shahdehra@gmail.com
43 Ayurvedic Hospital Harsar KANGRA 8219486705 ayurharsarhp@gmail.com
44 city hospital KANGRA 9418846465 gauravkhosla84@gmail.com
45 Civil Hospital THURAL KANGRA 1894276634 bmothural@gmail.com
46 Civil Hospital Baijnath KANGRA 1894262301 smobaijnath@yahoo.com
47 Civil Hospital Dehra KANGRA 1970233105 rsbydehra@gmail.com
48 Civil Hospital KANGRA KANGRA 1892265054 ch.kangra@gmail.com
49 Civil Hospital Nurpur KANGRA 1893220036 ictcnurpur@gmail.com
50 Civil Hospital Palampur KANGRA 1894234101 ajaysood186@gmail.com
51 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Bhawarna KANGRA 1894247158 khurena47@rediffmail.com
52 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Dada Siba KANGRA 1970289237 bmodadasiba@yahoo.in
53 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Fatehpur KANGRA 9418461239 bmofatehpur@yahoo.com
54 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Indora KANGRA 1893241339 bmoindora@yahoo.in
55 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Jawalamukhi KANGRA 1970222337 bmojwalamukhi@gmail.com
56 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Jawali KANGRA 1893264252 chcjawali@gmail.com
57 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Nagrota Bagwan KANGRA 1892252294 ngb123ngb@rediffmail.com
58 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Nagrota Surian KANGRA 1893265042 bmochcngs@gmail.com
59 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Shahpur KANGRA 1892238038 bmoshahpur@yahoo.in
60 COMMUNTY HEALTH CENTRE Chadiyar KANGRA 9418186293 smochadhiar5051@gmail.com
61 Distt Ayurvedic Hospital Dharmshala KANGRA 9418053619 rsbydharamshala@gmail.com
62 Dr Neena Pahwa Hospital KANGRA 8628854333 drsumeetpahwa@gmail.com
63 Dr KDs EYE HOSPITAL KANGRA 7018448754 hiteshdhar1985@gmail.com
64 Dr RPMC Hospital Tanda KANGRA 1892287001 medicalsupdt.tanda@gmail.com
65 Halderkola ayurvedic Hospital Kangra KANGRA 9418017313 ayurhkona@gmail.com
66 J.V.R EYE HOSPITAL KANGRA 9418007829 gauravnurpur@gmail.com
67 KARAN HOSPITAL PALAMPUR KANGRA 9805704423 vinaymalhotra87@gmail.com
68 Maple Leaf Hospital kangra KANGRA 9418841248 mapleleafhospital@gmail.com
69 MMS ROTARY EYE HOSPITAL MARANDA KANGRA 9418503900 office@rotaryeyepalampur.org
70 NAV JEEVAN HOSPITAL KANGRA 9805791751 rkundu460@gmail.com
71 PANCHSHEEL NURSING HOME KANGRA 9805141994 panchsheelnursinghome5@gmail.com
72 PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE Gopalpur KANGRA 1894252226 bmogopalpur@yahoo.in
73 S M Eye Hospital Kangra KANGRA 9816104471 smihospitalkgr@gmail.com
74 Shree Balaji Hospital KANGRA KANGRA 9459640797 adm.sbhkangra@gmail.com
75 Sood Nursing Home Nagrota Bagwan KANGRA 1892252578 drrashmisood@yahoo.co.in
76 Surya Hospital KANGRA 8894528888 hospitalsurya@ymail.com
77 Zonal Hospital Dharamsala KANGRA 1892224874 zhdharamshala@gmail.com
78 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Sangla KINNAUR 9418140282 bmosangla@gmail.com
79 COMMUNITY HEALTHCENTRE Pooh KINNAUR 9459823572 hemnegi_gelong@rediffmail.com, bmopooh@gmail.com
80 Distt Ayurvedic Reckong Peo KINNAUR 9418025034 deoayureckongpeo@gmail.com
82 Project Hospital Bhavanagar KINNAUR 9418885097 bmonichar@gmail.com
83 Regional Hospital Reckong Peo KINNAUR 7018939408 smoreckongpeo@gmail.com
84 Ayurvedic Hospital katrai KULLU 1902240360 drprem.yahoo.com
85 Civil Hospital Ani KULLU 1904253334 chandresh908@gmail.com
86 Civil Hospital Banjaar KULLU 1903222214 shasnimohanlal@gmail.com
87 Civil Hospital Jari KULLU 1902276257 bmojari@gmail.com
88 Civil Hospital Kullu KULLU 1902223050 bobkullu@gmail.com, rkskulluhp@gmail.com
89 Civil Hospital Manali KULLU 9816094846 drdorjemanali@gmail.com
90 Civil Hospital Nirmand KULLU 9418168321 bmonirmand@gmail.com
91 District Ayurvedic Hospital Kullu KULLU 9418011033 drjasbinder@gmail.com
92 Lady Willingdon Hospital KULLU 9816007240 ladywillingdon.rsby@gmail.com
93 SR Hospital Kalheli KULLU 9816009111 rakeshmgsr733@gmail.com
94 SRI HARI HAR HOSPITAL KULLU 9459636391 kdthakurhariharhospital@gmail.com
98 Distt Ayurvedic HospitalKeylong LAHUL AND SPITI -NA- dao-lsp-hp@nic.in
100 REGIONAL HOSPITAL KEYLONG LAHUL AND SPITI 1900222243 cmokeylong23@gmail.com
101 AASTHA MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL MANDI 9816601916 aasthamshospital@gmail.com
102 Ayurvedic Hospital Joginder nagar MANDI 1908222602 districtayurvedichospitalmandi@gmail.com
103 Banga Associated Hospital Eye Care MANDI 9418407850 munshiram1970@gmail.com
104 Bhambla Multispeciality Hospital MANDI 8872530186 manojdhiman515@gmail.com
105 CHC KATAULA MANDI 8679119192 vijenderchambyal555@gmail.com
106 CHC Ladbharol MANDI 9517813996 bmoladbharol@gmail.com
107 CHC NIHRI MANDI 9736417870 chcnihri@gmail.com
108 Civil hospital Joginder nagar MANDI 1908222038 smojnrmandi@yahoo.com
109 Civil hospital Karsog MANDI 9736417870 navitasharma026@gmail.com
110 Civil hospital Sandole MANDI 1905273223 smosndhole@yahoo.in
111 Civil hospital Sunder nagar MANDI 1907266823 smosundernagar@yahoo.in
112 Distt Ayurvedic Hospital Mandi MANDI 1905226278 districtayurvedichospitalmandi@gmail.com
113 JAGRITI MEDICAL CENTRE MANDI 9816003020 drmanjuljmc@gmail.com
114 MALHOTRA HOSPITAL AND TRAUMA CENTRE MANDI 8288849649 navdeep.h.malhotra@gmail.com
115 MANNAT HOSPITAL MANDI 9418023131 mannathsopital20@gmail.com
116 NEELKANTH HOSPITAL MANDI 8872551999 sahil57mrigpuri@gmail.com
117 NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDER BOSE ZONAL HOSPITAL MANDI MANDI 1905222928 zonalhospitalmandi@gmail.com
118 Primary Health Centre Baldavada MANDI 9805191880 micchcbaldwara@yahoo.in
119 Primary Health Centre Bhagshad MANDI 1907254225 bagsaidbmo@yahoo.co.in
120 Primary Health Centre Dharampur MANDI 7018375854 mochdharampur@gmail.com
121 Primary Health Centre Ghor MANDI 94180251800 moicchcgohas@yahoo.in
122 Primary Health Centre Janjali MANDI 1907256512 bmojanjehlihp@yahoo.in
123 Primary Health Centre Kotli MANDI 1905281231 moicchckotli@yahoo.in
124 Primary Health Centre Nagvaani MANDI 7018411054 moicnagwain@gmail.com
125 Primary Health Centre Pdher MANDI 1908260228 moicchcpadhar@yahoo.co.in
126 Primary Health Centre Ratti MANDI 1905242296 moicchcratti@yahoo.in
127 Referal hospital Sarkaghat MANDI 1905230036 smosarkaghat@yahoo.in
128 Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri Govt Medical College and Hospital Mandi at Nerchowk MANDI 7018400500 msslbsgmchmandi@gmail.com
129 Ayurvedic HospitalRampur SHIMLA 1782234944 mehtabhai73@gmail.com
130 Ayurvedic HospitalRohru SHIMLA 1781240007 ayurrohruhp@gmail.com
131 CIVIL HOSPITAL ROHRU SHIMLA SHIMLA 178124011 sharmachrohru@gmail.com
132 Civil Hospital CHOPAL SHIMLA 1783260022 bmonerwa@gmail.com
133 Civil Hospital JUBBAL SHIMLA 1781252022 chjubbal@gmail.com
134 Civil Hospital JUNGA SHIMLA 9816514142 civilhospitaljunga@gmail.com
135 Civil Hospital KOTGARH SHIMLA 1782240063 rkschkotgarh@gmail.com
136 Civil Hospital NERWA SHIMLA 1783260022 bmonerwa@gmail.com
137 Civil Hospital THEOG SHIMLA 1783238204 smotheog@gmail.com
138 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE NANKHRI SHIMLA SHIMLA 7833909734 bmonankhari1@gmail.com
139 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTREChirgaon SHIMLA 9459236045 nikhilmanta77@gmail.com
140 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTREKumarsain SHIMLA 1782240063 bmokumarsain1@gmail.com
141 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRESuni SHIMLA 1772786634 mlverma.chc@gmail.com
142 COMUNNITY HEALTH CENTRE KOTKHAI SHIMLA SHIMLA 1783255327 bmokotkhai1@gmail.com
143 DDU HOSPITAL SHIMLA SHIMLA 9418045333 msddu.ripon@gmail.com
144 GOVT DENTAL COLLAGE SHIMLA 1772652562 dr.rpluthra@gmail.com
145 INDIRA GANDHI MEDICAL COLLAGE SHIMLA 2658845 vinod77.rsbyigmc@gmail.com
146 KNH SHIMLA SHIMLA 1772624841 rsbyknh@gmail.com
147 MGMSCKHNERI RAMPUR SHIMLA 1782234969 smoic.mgmsekhaneri@gmail.com
148 PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE Mashobra SHIMLA 1772740230 smomashobra123@gmail.com
150 Civil Hospital Paonta SIRMAUR 1704222172 civilhospitalpaonta@gmail.com
151 Civil Hospital Sarahan SIRMAUR 1799236731 bmopachhad@gmail.com
152 Civil Hospital Rajgarh SIRMAUR 1799221042 civilhospital.rajgarh@gmail.com
153 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Sangrah SIRMAUR 9816441397 bmoofficesangrah@gmail.com
154 COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE Shillai SIRMAUR 1704278542 bmoofficeshillai@gmail.com
155 Distt Ayurvedic Hospital Nahan SIRMAUR 1702224450 yogenderchauhan343@rediff.com
156 PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE NauraDhar SIRMAUR 9876759182 phcnoradhar@gmail.com
157 PRRIYANSHI HOSPITAL SIRMAUR 9459094509 arun07thakur@gmail.com
158 Puran Hospital Paonta Sahib SIRMAUR 9418265908 puranreports@gmail.com
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166 AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL NALAGARH SOLAN 1795222571 mahajan034@gmail.com
167 Bansal Orthopaedic Centre SOLAN 9816025018 dranilbansal58@gmail.com
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200 Regional Hospital Una UNA 9418122885 rsbyrhuna@gmail.com
201 shivam orthocare UNA 9625107410 atulkumartanwer@gmail.com

45 thoughts on “Check How to Apply for Online Him Care Health Card Insurance”

  1. Sir mere him care card 03 02 2019 ko banana Thea or mere mother Ka eye operation sm eye hospital kangra me 07 02 2019 ko Thea lekin mine him care yojna Ka lab nehi dhya gya muje kha gya ki yha per yea card nehi chalta to fir him care yojna chalane Ka kya faidha logo ko babekhuf kyu bnaia ja Raha hi

  2. My Him care card no is 02021160758021040 Pl. Supply the authorized hospitals list of pvt. Hospitals in Himachal & punjab

  3. Let me know which are the private hospital of Dist Hamirpur are listed in this Him Care Scheme if not why ? Govt hospitals are already free for treatment are making fools to public

        • Meri biwi ki operations se delivery hui hai bach band Karen ka bhi operation bhi saath mai kiya hai dr.7hazar rupees maang raha hai. Or private ward ke 1din ka 1000rupees maang rahe hai

        • Meri biwi ki operations se delivery hui hai bache band Karen ka bhi operation bhi saath mai kiya hai dr.7hazar rupees maang raha hai. Or private ward ke 1din ka 1000rupees maang rahe hai

  4. Dear Sir
    there is no any options to get correction, by mistake, only one member could be saved.

    now i have to update other family member details, i tried with same Ration Card no. to update but showing already existing,

    pls help to get updation other family member details so that payment can be done.
    Ration Card no. is HP2014111122133,
    Our family member is six and there is only five member options.

    thanks and regards



  5. Hloo sir
    hmane ek kaa senior citizen mai apply kra tha par vo rejected ho gya…vo senior citizen mai nhi hai…
    phir hmne unka card 1000 bale mai apply kar re hai tooh unka ration card already added aa rha hai..tooh unka phir se kaise kre apply 1000 bala…unko card ki bdi jrurt hai…unka operation hai eye ka….

    • Yes, this card is totally eligible for treatment in PGI. First you have to pay total cost of your treatment but then it will be reimbursed. For this you have to go in Goal market in PGI, then go to Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana office in both no. 24. There you will get complete details about reimbursement of your cost of the treatment

  6. Is this card applicable in Delhi NCR ?? If i want to use this card in delhi hospitals or in Faridabad hospitals.

  7. Respected staff , i have some query regarding correc tion in Himcare card . By mistake Only 1 family member detail added on himcare card , my fees also deducted but still APROVAL PROCESS is pending . so please give me solution how I change now detail ?

    No any toll free number attending my call , also on Landline . thn why you provided that numbers if you not respond on them

  8. If aspirants have ration card and permanent address both from different places than will it cause any kind of problem in the enrolment for HIMCARE SCHEME.

  9. I live in Una District and also have ration card registered here. But the permanent address on my adhaar card and all identity proof is of Mandi as i am native to that place. So, i want to know that what i should i enter in the address section my permanent address or the the place where i have ration card. And since both are different so is there any problem with our eligibility to enroll in Himcare Scheme.
    Please let me know as soon as possible because the dates are closing soon.

  10. Sir how much time taken in rebursment of money under himcare scheme I sumit my document 5febraury 2020 my mother treatment in Pgi hospital she is suffering from desease called nmo related to Anti body attack in body and how much amount reburse under this desease


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