Himcare Scheme General Surgery Package

Specialty codePackage CodePackage namePackage AmountPreauth Required or Not (Y/N)Mandatory investigations for pre-authPost-Op investigations for claims submissionAverage length of Stay (Including Days in intensive care units)Govt Reserved Procedure (Y/N)Medical (M) or Surgical (S)
S10001Adventious Burse – Excision10,000N  3NS
S10002Anterior Resection for CA15,000N  4NS
S10003Appendicectomy10,000N  2NS
S10004Appendicular Abscess – Drainage12,000N  2NS
S10005Arteriovenous (AV) Malformation of Soft Tissue Tumour – Excision15,000N  3NS
S10006Bakers Cyst – Excision6,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10007Uni Inguinal block dissection13,000YCT Scan 3NS
S10008Bleeding Ulcer – Gastrectomy & vagotomy25,000N  5NS
S10009Bleeding Ulcer – Partial Gastrectomy25,000N  5NS
S10010Block dissection Cervical Nodes10,000N  3NS
S10011Branchial Fistula14,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10012Breast Lump – Excision6,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10014Branchial Cyst10,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10015Bursa – Excision2,000N  2NS
S10016Bypass – Inoperable Pancreas15,000YUltrasound/CT Scan 4NS
S10017Cervial Lymphnodes – Excision2000YCT Scan 1NS
S10018Colostomy10,000YClinical Picture 4NS
S10019Cyst over Scrotum – Excision2,000YClinical Picture 1NS
S10020Cystic Mass – Excision2,000YClinical Picture 1NS
S10022Dermoid Cyst –  Excision2,000YClinical Picture DNS
S10023Drainage of Ischio Rectal Abscess4,000N  1NS
S10024Incision and Drainage of large Abscess4,000N  DNS
S10025Drainage of Psoas Abscess7,500N  2NS
S10026Drainage of Subdiaphramatic Abscess10,000N  3NS
S10027Drainage Pericardial Effusion13,750N  5NS
S10028Duodenal Diverticulum20,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10029Duodenal Jejunostomy20,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10030Duplication of Intestine18,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10031Hydrocele + Orchidectomy8,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10032Epidedectomy8,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10033Epididymal Swelling –Excision4,000N  2NS
S10034Epidymal Cyst4,000YClinical Record DNS
S10035Evacuation of Scrotal Hematoma2,000N  2NS
S10036Excision Benign Tumor -Small intestine15,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10037Excision Bronchial Sinus8,000YClinical Record DNS
S10038Drainage of liver Abscess8,000YUltrasound 3NS
S10039Excision Filarial Scrotum4,000YClinical Picture 3NS
S10040Excision Mammary Fistula5,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10041Excision Meckel’s Diverticulum15,000YContrast Studies 3NS
S10042Excision Pilonidal Sinus8,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10043Excision Small Intestinal Fistula15,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10044Excision of Growth from Tongue only6,000YClinical Picture 1NS
S10045Excision of Growth from Tongue with neck node dissection15,000YClinical Picture 4NS
S10047Excision of  Swelling in Hand2,000N  DNS
S10049Excision of Neurofibroma3,000N  2NS
S10050Exicision of Sinus and Curettage5,000N  2NS
S10051Fibroadenoma – Bilateral8,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10052Fibrodenoma – Unilateral5,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10053Fissurectomy8,000N  2NS
S10054Fissurectomy and Haemorrhoidectomy10,000N  2NS
S10055Eversion of Hydrocele Sac – Bilateral6,000YUltrasound 2NS
S10056Eversion of Hydrocele Sac – Unilateral4,000YUltrasound 2NS
S10057Fissurectomy with Sphincterotomy15,000N  2NS
S10058Foreign Body Removal in Deep Region requiring GA5,000N  2NS
S10059Fundoplication20,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10060G J Vagotomy/ Vagotomy + Pyloroplasty15,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10062Ganglion -Excision2,000N  DNS
S10063Gastrojejunostomy15,000YContrast Studies 4NS
S10064Gastrostomy15,000YContrast Studies 4NS
S10065Graham’s Operation for duodenal perforation15,000N  5NS
S10066Granuloma – Excision2,000N  1NS
S10067Haemangioma – Excision8,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10070Hepatic Resection (lobectomy)20,000YCT Scan 7NS
S10071Hernia – Epigastric10,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10072Hernia – Incisional10,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10073Hernia – Repair & release of obstruction15,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10074Hernia – Umbilical10,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10075Hernia – Femoral10,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10076Hernioplasty – Inguinal10,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10077Herniorraphy-Inguinal9,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10078Hiatus Hernia – abdominal15,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10079Hydatid Cyst of Liver15,000YCT Scan 3NS
S10080Hydrocele – Excision – Unilateral5,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10081Hydrocele – Excision – Bilateral8,000YClinical Record 2NS
S10082IlieoSigmoidostomy17,000YContrast Studies 5NS
S10083Infected Bunion Foot – Excision4,000N  1NS
S10084Inguinal Node (dissection) – Unilateral3,000N  2NS
S10085Intestinal perforation12,500N  5NS
S10086Intestinal Obstruction12,500N  5NS
S10087Intussusception15,000N  6NS
S10088Jejunostomy10,000N  5NS
S10089Gastric Perforation15,000N  5NS
S10090Intestinal Perforation (Resection Anastomosis)20,000N  5NS
S10091Appendicular Perforation15,000N  5NS
S10093Closure of Hollow Viscus Perforation15,000N  5NS
S10094Laryngectomy & Pharyngeal Diverticulum (Throat)15,000N  3NS
S10095Ileostomy10,000N  4NS
S10096Lipoma excision2,000N  DNS
S10097Loop Colostomy Sigmoid12,000N  4NS
S10098Mastectomy12,000N  2NS
S10099Mesenteric Cyst – Excision15,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10100Mesenteric Caval Anastomosis15,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10102Oeshophagoscopy for foreign body removal5,000N  DNS
S10103Oesophagectomy17,500YCT Scan 5NS
S10104Portal Hypertension shunt surgery t18,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10105Pelvic Abscess – Open Drainage10,000N  4NS
S10106PancreaticoDuodenectomy25,000YCT Scan 6NS
S10107Distal Pancreatectomy with PancreaticoJejunostomy t25,000YCT Scan 7NS
S10108Papilloma Rectum – Excision4,000N  2NS
S10109Haemorroidectomy+ Fistulectomy10,000YClinical Records 2NS
S10110Growth in the Scalp – Excision2,000N  1NS
S10111Porto Caval Anastomosis15,000YClinical Records 5NS
S10112Pyeloroplasty10,000YClinical Records 4NS
S10113Radical Mastectomy12,000YClinical Records 2NS
S10114Radical Neck Dissection – Excision15,000YClinical Records 6NS
S10115Hernia – Spigelian5,000YClinical Records 3NS
S10116Rectal Dilation2,000N  1NS
S10117Prolapse of Rectal Mass – Excision10,000N  2NS
S10118Rectopexy10,000YClinical Records 3NS
S10119Repair of Common Bile Duct15,000N  3NS
S10120Resection Anastomosis (Large Intestine)15,000YClinical Records 7NS
S10121Resection Anastomosis (Small Intestine)15,000YClinical Records 7NS
S10122Retroperitoneal Tumor – Excision20,000YCT Scan 5NS
S10123Haemorroidectomy5,000YClinical Records 2NS
S10124Salivary Gland – Excision10,000YClinical Records 3NS
S10125Segmental Resection of Breast10,000YClinical Records 3NS
S10126Scrotal Swelling (Multiple) – Excision5,000N  2NS
S10127Sigmoid Diverticulum15,000YContrast Studies 6NS
S10128Simple closure – Peptic perforation15,000N  5NS
S10129Sinus – Excision5,000N  2NS
S10130Soft Tissue Tumor  – Excision2,000N  2NS
S10132Splenectomy20,000N  6NS
S10133Submandibular Lymph node – Excision2,000N  2NS
S10134Submandibular Mass Excision + Reconstruction20,000YCT Scan  5NS
S10135Swelling in foot  – Excision2,000N  DNS
S10137Coloectomy – Total20,000YCT Scan 6NS
S10138Pharyngectomy& Reconstruction – Total20,000YCT Scan 6NS
S10139Tracheal Stenosis (End to end Anastamosis) (Throat)15,000YClinical Records 6NS
S10140Tracheoplasty (Throat)15,000YClinical Records 6NS
S10141Umbilical Sinus – Excision5,000N  2NS
S10142Varicose Veins – Excision and Ligation10,000YClinical Records 3NS
S10143Vasovasostomy12,000YClinical Records 3NS
S10144Volvulus of Large Bowel25,000N  4NS
S10145Cleft lip operation12,000YClinical Picture 2NS
S10146Cleft palate repair (for each stage)12,000YClinical Picture 2NS
S10147Cleft lip & palate operation (for each stage)15,000YClinical Picture 5NS
S10148Aneurysm not Requiring Bypass Techniques t36,000YCT Scan  NS
S10149Aneurysm Resection & Grafting36,000YCT Scan  NS
S10150Arterial Embolectomy10,000N   NS
S10151Carotid artery aneurysm repair20,000YCT Scan   NS
S10152Carotid Body tumour – Excision20,000YCT Scan  NS
S10153Cholecystectomy & Exploration of CBD20,000N  6NS
S10154Cholecystostomy/Cholecystectomy10,000N  6NS
S10155Congential Arteriovenus Fistula (large)20,000YCT Angio  NS
S10156Congential Arteriovenus Fistula (small)10,000YCT Angio  NS
S10157Decortication (Pleurectomy)20,000YCT Angio  NS
S10158Dissecting Aneurysms36,000YCT Angio  NS
S10159Distal Abdominal Aorta repair36,000YCT Angio  NS
S10160Estlander Operation (lip)7,000YClinical Record 1NS
S10161Excision and Skin Graft of Venous Ulcer15,000YClinical Record  NS
S10162Excision of Parathyroid Adenoma/Carcinoma22,000YClinical Record  NS
S10163Flap Reconstructive Surgery20,000YClinical Record  NS
S10164Split thickness skin grafts – Small (< 4% TBSA)5,000YClinical Record DNS
S10165Split thickness skin grafts – Medium (4 – 8% TBSA)10,000YClinical Record DNS
S10166Split thickness skin grafts – Large (> 8% TBSA)15,000YClinical Record DNS
S10167Free Grafts – Wolfe Grafts8,000YClinical Record  NS
S10168Hemi thyroidectomy10,000YClinical Record  NS
S10169Total thyroidectomy20,000YClinical Record  NS
S10170Laparoscopic Hernia Repair18,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10171Lap. Assisted left Hemi colectomy t25,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10172Lap. Assisted Right Hemi colectomy t25,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10173Lap. Assisted small bowel resection15,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10174Lap. Assisted Total Colectomy25,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10175Lap. Cholecystectomy & CBD exploration20,000YClinical Record 3NS
S10176Lap. For intestinal obstruction15,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10177Lap. Hepatic resection25,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10178Lap. Hydatid of liver surgery25,000YCT Scan 5NS
S10180Laparoscopic Appendicectomy15,000N  3NS
S10181Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy15,000YUltrasound 5NS
S10182Laparoscopic cystogastrostomy20,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10183Laparoscopic Gastrostomy12,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10184Laparoscopic Hiatus Hernia Repair22,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10185Laparoscopic Pyloromyotomy20,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10186Laparoscopic Rectopexy15,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10187Laparoscopic Spleenectomy20,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10188Laparoscopic umbilical hernia repair15,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10189Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair20,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10190Laparotomy-peritonitis lavage and drainage10,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10191Ligation of Ankle Perforators5,000N  3NS
S10192Lymphatics Excision of Subcutaneous Tissues In Lymphoedema10,000YClinical Picture  3NS
S10193Repair of Main Arteries of the Limbs25,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10194Mediastinal Tumour20,000N   NS
S10195Oesophagectomy for Carcinoma Oesophagus25,000YCT Scan 7NS
S10196Operation for Bleeding Peptic Ulcer15,000N  5NS
S10197Operation for Carcinoma Lip – Vermilionectomy10,000YClinical Record 6NS
S10198Operation for Carcinoma Lip – Wedge Excision and Vermilionectomy12,000YClinical Record 6NS
S10199Operation for Carcinoma Lip – Wedge-Excision10,000YClinical Record 6NS
S10200Appendicectomy – Appendicular Abscess – Drainage12,000N  5NS
S10201Caecostomy10,000YClinical Record  NS
S10202Closure of Colostomy5,000YClinical Record  NS
S10203Coccygeal Teratoma Excision20,000YCT Scan  NS
S10204Congenital Atresia & Stenosis of Small Intestine20,000YBarium Study  NS
S10205CystoJejunostomy/or Cystogastrostomy20,000YClinical Record  NS
S10206Drainage of perivertebral abscess10,000N   NS
S10207Hernia -hiatus-Transthoracic20,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10208Intercostal drainage2,000N   NS
S10209Operation for carcinoma lip- cheek advancement12,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10210Thymectomy20,000YClinical Record  NS
S10211Operation of Choledochal Cyst15,000YClinical Record 5NS
S10212Operations for Acquired Arteriovenous Fistula15,000YClinical Record  NS
S10213Operations for Replacement of Oesophagus by Colon25,000YClinical Record 7NS
S10214Hemodialysis per sitting2,000N  DNS
S10215Parapharyngeal Tumour Excision20,000YCT Scan  NS
S10216Partial/Subtotal Gastrectomy for Carcinoma22,000YCT Scan  NS
S10217Patch Graft Angioplasty20,000Y CT Angio  NS
S10218Pericardiostomy30,000N   NS
S10219Pneumonectomy25,000N   NS
S10220Removal of Foreign Body from Trachea or Oesophagus5,000N   NS
S10221Removal Tumours of Chest Wall20,000YCT Scan+ Clinical Photo  NS
S10223Resection Enucleation of Adenoma (lung)10,000N   NS
S10224Rib Resection & Drainage10,000N   NS
S10225Skin Flaps – Rotation Flaps6,200N   NS
S10226Splenectomy – For Trauma20,000N   NS
S10227Surgery for Arterial Aneurism Spleen Artery20,000N   NS
S10228Surgery for Arterial Aneurism –Vertebral25,000N   NS
S10229Sympathetectomy – Cervical5,000N   NS
S10230Temporal Bone resection15,000N   NS
S10232Thoracocentesis1,500YClinical Record  NS
S10233Thoracoplasty20,000YClinical Record  NS
S10234Thoracoscopic Decortication25,000YClinical Record  NS
S10235Thoracoscopic Hydatid Cyst excision20,000YClinical Record  NS
S10236Thoracoscopic Lobectomy25,000YClinical Record  NS
S10237Thoracoscopic Pneumonectomy30,000YClinical Record  NS
S10238Thoracoscopic Segmental Resection25,000YClinical Record  NS
S10239Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy15,000YClinical Record  NS
S10240Thrombendarterectomy15,000N   NS
S10241Thorax (penetrating wounds)12,500N   NS
S10242Total Thyroidectomy and Block Dissection20,000YClinical Record  NS
S10243Trendelenburg Operation10,000N   NS
S10244Debridement of Ulcer-Leprosy5,000YClinical Record  NS
S10245Tissue Reconstruction Flap Leprosy25,000YClinical Record  NS
S10246Tendon Transfer-Leprosy25,000YClinical Record  NS
S10248Hernia – Repair & release of obstruction+ Hernioplasty15,000N   NS
S10249Aspiration of cold Abscess of Lymphnode1,000N   NS
S10250Aspiration of Empyema2,000N   NS
S10251AV Shunt for dialysis6,000N   NS
S10252Peritoneal dialysis per sitting2,500N   NS
S10253Vasectomy2,000N   NS
S10254Abdomino perineal resection17500N   NS
S10255Caecopexy13000N   NS
S10256Carbuncle back2000N   NS
S10259Colocystoplasty15000YPyelography  NS
S10260Diverticulectomy 15000N   NS
S10261Dorsal slit and reduction of paraphimosis1500N   NS
S10262Drainage of peripherally gastric absces8000N   NS
S10263Duodenectomy20000YClinical Record  NS
S10264Dupcrytren (duputryen contracture?)10000YClinical Record  NS
S10265Facial Nerve decompression15000YClinical Record  NS
S10267Fibroma -Excision2000N   NS
S10268Fistula repair5000N   NS
S10269Fulguration2000N   NS
S10274Hemi glossectomy10000N   NS
S10275Hemi thyroplasty12000N   NS
S10280Anorectoplasty14000N   NS
S10282Laryngo Fissure (Throat)12500YClinical Photograph +Investigations  NS
S10283Laryngopharyngectomy (Throat)12000N   NS
S10286Orchidopexy 6000N   NS
S10290Sebaceous cyst- excision1200N   NS
S10291Superficial parotidectomy10000N   NS
S10293Thyroplasty11000N   NS
S10294Warren shunt15000YCT Angio  NS
S10295Abbe Operation7500YClinical Photograph+ Investigations  NS
S10296Aorta-Femoral bypass25000YCT Angio  NS
S10297Diagnostic laproscopy4000N   NS
S10299Examination under anesthesia1500N   NS
S10300Excision of corns250N   NS
S10301Excision of moles300N   NS
S10302Excision of molluscumcontagiosum350N   NS
S10304Excision of superficial neurofibroma300N   NS
S10305Excision of thyroglossal cyst/fistula7000N   NS
S10306Femoropopliteal by pass procedure23500YCT Angio  NS
S10310Haemorrhoid- injection500N   NS
S10314Isthmectomy7000N   NS
S10315Laproscopic Adrenalectomy12000N   NS
S10317Laproscopic donor Nephrectomy15000N   NS
S10318Laproscopic Pyelolithotomy15000N   NS
S10320Laproscopic ureterolithotomy14000N   NS
S10321Drainage of perinephric abscess8500N   NS
S10323Excision I/d injection keloid (per site)250N   NS
S10324Incision and drainage of abscess750N   NS
S10326Operation for stenosis of renal arteries24000N   NS
S10327Partial pericardectomy14500N   NS
S10329Phimosis under LA1000N   NS
S10330Renal artery aneurysm and disection28000N   NS
S10333Surgery for arterial aneursysm renal  artery15000YCT Angio  NS
S10334Suturing of wounds withlocal anesthesia200N   NS
S10336Temporary Pacemaker implantation10000N   NS

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