HimCare Scheme Otorhinolaryngology Package

Specialty codePackage CodePackage namePackage AmountPreauth Required or Not (Y/N)Mandatory investigations for pre-authPost-Op investigations for claims submissionAverage length of Stay (Including Days in intensive care units)Govt Reserved Procedure (Y/N)Medical (M) or Surgical (S)
S20001Aural polypectomy4,000N  1NS
S20002Labyrinthectomy20,000YClinical Record 2NS
S20003Mastoidectomy12,500YClinical Record 2NS
S20004Mastoidectomy corticol modified/ radical11,500YClinical Record 2NS
S20005Mastoidectomy with tympanoplasty 16,000YClinical Record 2NS
S20006Myringoplasty7,500YClinical Record 2NS
S20007Myringoplasty with Ossiculoplasty13,500YClinical Record 2NS
S20008Myringotomy – Bilateral6,000N  2NS
S20009Myringotomy – Unilateral3,500N  2NS
S20010Myringotomy with Grommet – One ear6,500N  2NS
S20011Myrinogotomy with Grommet – Both ear8,500N  2NS
S20012Ossiculoplasty9,500YClinical Record 2NS
S20013Partial amputation – Pinna4,000YClinical Record 1NS
S20014Excision of Pinna for Growths (Squamous/Basal) Injuries – Total Amputation & Excision of External Auditory Meatus8,000YClinical Record 3NS
S20015Excision of Pinna for Growths (Squamous/Basal) Injuries Total Amputation6,500YClinical Record 3NS
S20016Stapedectomy10,000YClinical Record 3NS
S20017Tympanoplasty9,000YClinical Record 3NS
S20018Vidian neurectomy – Micro9,000YClinical Record 3NS
S20019Ear lobe repair – single (daycare)1,500N  DNS
S20020Excision of Pinna for Growth (Squamous/Basal/ Injuries) Skin and Cartilage4,000YClinical Record DNS
S20021Excision of Pinna for Growth (Squamous/Basal/ Injuries) Skin Only2,500YClinical Record DNS
S20022Pharyngectomy and reconstruction15,000YClinical Record 2NS
S20023Skull base surgery 37,000YCTClinical photograph showing scar3NS
 Histopathological report 
S20024Total Amputation & Excision of External Auditory Meatus8,000YCT Scan 3NS
S20025Tympanotomy2,500N  2NS
S20026Removal of foreign body from ear2,000N  DNS
S20027Aural polypectomy +Tympanoplasty10,000N  3NS
S20028Ant. Ethmoidal artery ligation – open/ endoscopic11,000N  3NS
S20029Antrostomy – Bilateral8,500N  3NS
S20030Antrostomy – Unilateral6,000N  3NS
S20031Cryosurgery3,000N  1NS
S20032CSF Rhinorrhoea – Repair14,000N  3NS
S20033Septoplasty + FESS11,500N  2NS
S20034Ethmoidectomy – External11,500N  2NS
S20035Fracture reduction nose with septal correction8,000N  1NS
S20036Fracture – setting maxilla8,000N  2NS
S20037Fracture – setting nasal bone4,000N  1NS
S20038Functional Endoscopic Sinus (FESS)11,000N  1NS
S20039Intra Nasal Ethmoidectomy5,000N  1NS
S20040Rhinotomy – Lateral7,500N  2NS
S20041Nasal polypectomy – Bilateral7,000N  1NS
S20042Nasal polypectomy – Unilateral4,000N  1NS
S20043Turbinectomy Partial – Bilateral3,000N  1NS
S20044Turbinectomy Partial – Unilateral2,000N  1NS
S20045Radical fronto ethmo sphenodectomy18,000YClinical Record 5NS
S20046Rhinoplasty15,000YClinical Record 3NS
S20047Septoplasty5,000N  1NS
S20048Youngs operation3,000N  1NS
S20049Angiofibroma Excision18,000YCT Scan 3NS
S20050Cranio-facial resection22,500YCT Scan 2NS
S20051Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)7,000N  1NS
S20052Endoscopic Hypophysectomy21,000YCT Scan 2NS
S20053Intranasal Diathermy3,000N  1NS
S20054Rhinosporidiosis5,000N  2NS
S20055Septo-rhinoplasty12,500YClinical Record 2NS
S20056Adeno Tonsillectomy5,000YClinical Record 1NS
S20057Adenoidectomy5,000YClinical Record 1NS
S20058Arytenoidectomy10,000YClinical Record 2NS
S20059Choanal atresia12,500YClinical Record 2NS
S20060Tonsillectomy + Myrinogotomy10,000YClinical Record 3NS
S20061Pharyngeal diverticulum’s – Excision10,000YClinical Record 2NS
S20062Laryngectomy with block dissection25,000YCT Scan 3NS
S20063Laryngofissure5,000N  2NS
S20064Laryngophayryngectomy20,000YClinical Record 2NS
S20065Maxilla – Excision12,500YClinical Record 2NS
S20066Oro Antral fistula7,500YClinical Record 2NS
S20067Parapharyngeal – Exploration12,500YCT Scan 2NS
S20068Parapharyngeal Abscess – Drainage10,000N  2NS
S20069Peritonsillor abscess under LA2,500N  DNS
S20070Pharyngoplasty10,000YClinical Record 2NS
S20071Retro pharyngeal abscess – Drainage5,000N  DNS
S20072Tonsillectomy + Styloidectomy10,000N  2NS
S20073Thyroglossal Fistula/ cyst – Excision7,000N  2NS
S20074Tonsillectomy – (Uni/ Bilateral)6,000N  1NS
S20075Total Parotidectomy18,000N  2NS
S20076Superficial Parotidectomy12,000N  4NS
S20077Uvulophanyngo Plasty14,000YClinical Record 2NS
S20078Commondo Operation (glossectomy)17,500N  4NS
S20079Excision of Branchial Cyst7,000N  3NS
S20080Excision of Branchial Sinus7,000N  3NS
S20081Excision of Cystic Hygroma 7,500N  3NS
S20083Excision of the Mandible Segmental7,500N  3NS
S20084Hemi-mandibulectomy with graft15,000YClinical Record 3NS
S20085Hemiglossectomy6,000YClinical Record 3NS
S20086Palatopharyngoplasty10,000N  2NS
S20087Partial Glossectomy5,000N  3NS
S20088Ranula excision5,000N  3NS
S20089Removal of Submandibular Salivary gland5,000N  3NS
S20090Total Glossectomy15,000YClinical Record 3NS
S20091Total Laryngectomy + Neck dissection 25,000YBiopsyClinical photograph showing scar4NS
CECTHPE report
S20092Laryngopharyngectomy with Gastric pull-up/ jejunal graft 30,000YBiopsyClinical photograph showing scar4NS
Routine hematological investigationsHPE report
S20093Excision of CA cheek/ oral cavity + radial forearm flap30,000YHematological and radiological investigationsHematological and radiological investigations4NS
S20094Excision of growth Jaw + free fibular flap reconstruction30,000YHematological and radiological investigationsHematological and radiological investigations4NS
S20096Fenestration7000    NS
S20097Caldweell-luc-Bilateral8000    NS
S20098Caldweell-luc-unilateral4600    NS
S20100Submucos resection7500    NS
S20101Removal of FB from nose900    NS
S20102Release of  tongue tie2500    NS
S20103Cleft palate repair8000    NS
S20104Removal of Foreign body from Larynx4000    NS
S20105Tracheostomy3000    NS
S20106Microlaryngoscopic Surgery15,000N  3NS

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