How to Change Mobile Number in ICICI Bank

ICICI bank is one of Largest bank in India, after SBI and PNB banks. ICICI bank offers the best services to its customers and one such service is the option of easily changing your registered Mobile number with the bank. Sometimes your mobile gets stolen or you have to purchase a new mobile number for some other reason, in such cases you have to update your registered mobile number linked with the ICICI bank. There are many easy and convenient methods offered by ICICI bank to change your mobile numbers. Below we are explaining the most popular ways of changing the Mobile number registered to your ICICI bank account. These methods are:-

  • Changing ICICI bank Mobile no. through Netbanking/Online.
  • By visiting nearest Branch of ICICI Bank.
  • By visiting nearest ICICI bank ATM
  • By Calling Customer Support Team of ICICI Bank.
  • Through Mobile App

Changing Mobile no. in ICICI bank Online:-

  • First of all Login to ICICI bank internet banking by visiting this link.
  • Now a form will open in which you have to fill some details. You have to enter following type of information in this form:

Your Registered Email id.

Your Old Mobile No.
Enter your Old Mobile Number linked to your ICICI bank account.

Your New Mobile No.
Enter your New Mobile Number, you want to replace the old mobile number with.

  • After this you have to click on the Submit button. If your email id is linked to your ICICI bank account, then you will receive the information regarding your mobile number Updated on this email id within two days.

Changing Mobile number through ICICI bank Mobile App:-

ICICI bank has mobile App for both Android and iOS which can downloaded easily from Google play Store or App store respectively. By downloading and Installing the ICICI mobile App, you can now change your mobile number. The rest of procedure is same as the steps required for changing the mobile number through Netbanking.

Changing Mobile Number by visiting nearest Branch of ICICI Bank:-

  • Visit the nearest branch of ICICI bank.
  • Ask for the ‘ICICI Mobile Number Change Form’ from the ICICI bank staff.
  • You have to enter the below type of information in this form:

Date: Add the current date in this field.

Name of Account Holder: Fill your full name which should be same as the name on your bank Passbook.

Account Number & Customer id: Enter your Bank Account Number & Customer id which you can find from the passbook issued by the bank.

Add Your PAN Number.
Then fill your Date of Birth.

  • After this Tick on My new mobile number and add your new mobile number which you want to change along with country code +91.
  • After filling all the above information, do your signature at the end and handover the form to specific employee of the ICICI bank.
  • After you submitted the form to the bank employee, it may take upto two days to get your mobile number updated.

Changing Mobile number through nearest ICICI bank ATM:-

  • Go to ICICI bank ATM located near you.
  • Enter 4 digit PIN after inserting the ATM card.
  • Touch the Proceed Option after choosing your desired Language.
  • You can see “Register your mobile” option. Click on this option. You will also see ‘Update your Mobile number’ option here. You can change your mobile number by clicking on this option and entering your new mobile number.
  • Press YES after entering your New Mobile Number.
  • You will receive an SMS on your mobile, once your mobile number is updated. The process of Updating the mobile number may take two days.

Changing Mobile number by calling ICICI bank Customer Support:-

You can change the Mobile number linked to your ICICI bank account without going to nearest ICICI bank branch or without visiting ATM, by calling the Customer support team of the bank. You can easily find the contact number of ICICI bank on internet.

  • When you call the Customer Support of the ICICI bank regarding changing your Mobile number, then you will be asked your Bank Account Number and Customer ID.
  • After confirming your details, you will be asked the new mobile number, you want to update.
  • The Customer care executive will help you further to change the Mobile Number.

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