How to Check HDFC Fastag Balance on Your Mobile

You must need a Fastag if you have a four wheeler because the Road Transport Ministry of India and NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) has announced that no payments will be made at the Toll plazas without Fastag. We have explained several times in our other articles regarding What is Fastag, how to buy and recharge Fastag through HDFC. But here in this article we are explaining how you can check the balance of your HDFC Fastag. Before that we are giving a brief introduction of Fastag for new users.

For easy adoption of FASTag by vehicle owners, the Government of India has tied up with several certified banks like HDFC bank, e-commerce platforms and  point-of-sale (POS) at the toll plazas.

While passing through the toll plaza or lane, vehicle owners have no need to pay the toll fee, instead RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology used in your FASTag will automatically deduct toll charges from. This process is achieved through FASTag readers or sensors installed on the particular FASTag lanes.

The National Highway Authority of India has started the Fastag system to remove the hassles on the toll plaza. Fastag system  was first launched in India in 2014. At that time it was only available at some toll plazas. But now it has been made compulsory for almost all the tolls plazas of India.

Fastag is basically a rechargeable tag that contains a unique code. This code is different for all vehicles. When you register your vehicle in fastag, you will be given this fastag, which you will have to put on the front mirror of your vehicle. At the toll plazas
your vehicle will be identified by the sensor and your toll tax money will be deducted from your HDFC Fastag account. Validity of a HDFC fastag is 5, it means you have to renew your Fastag after every five years.

Vehicle owners will get many benefits from Fastag and can recharge his fastag anytime online. Not only this, those who have a fastag, they do not have to wait in line at the toll plaza, there is a separate lane for vehicles with Fastag.

You can go through that lane without stopping. Fastag is very cheap to make and after paying some nominal fees and charges, you can get a Fastag for your vehicle through HDFC or any other medium mentioned above.

How to check my FASTag account balance?

Now we straight forward come to the point, how one can check the balance of their Fastag account. After installing the Fastag you need to check its balance regularly so that you can recharge it immediately, if it shows low balance. Checking balance regularly is necessarily, because if there is low balance in your Fastag, then it can get blacklisted. Here we will explain 3 methods of checking your HDFC Fastag account balance.

These are:

  1. Checking HDFC Fastag balance through HDFC website
  2. Checking HDFC Fastag balance using MyFastag App
  3. Checking HDFC Fastag balance through HDFC website

Checking HDFC Fastag balance through HDFC website

  • For this the first thing you need to do is to login the official website of HDFC Fastag ie.
  • Now you have to enter you mobile number registered with the HDFC Fastag
  • After this you have to enter the password
  • Once you enter the password, then you will have to fill the Captcha code.
  • If you have multiple Fastags, then select the fastag from the list. Otherwise just select the one
  • in case you have only one Fastag.
    After choosing from the list, your HDFC Fastag will appear on the screen.

Checking HDFC Fastag balance using MyFastag App

Another Way of checking your HDFC Fastag is through MyFastag App. NHAI has added another facility in this App. With the help of this App, the HDFC Fastag users can check their tag account balance easily. NHAI has updated MyFastag App with “Check Balance Status” facility. To check the balance of their Fastag, the users have to enter their vehicle number.

NHAI recently announced that this new facility of checking Fastag account balance through App, will not only help the toll operators at the toll plazas but also be useful for vehicle owners for checking their HDFC Fastag status.

  • To check the HDFC Fastag balance using MyFastag App, first you have to download this app from Play Store
  • After downloading and installing the App, you have to  open this app
  • Here you will see Payment option. Click on this option.
  • After clicking Payment option, you will see this option “Recharge your NHAI payment walet”
  • Since we are not recharging here, we are only checking our HDFC Fastag balance, so enter your mobile number.
  • Make sure that you enter your registered mobile number.
  • You will receive an OTP number on your registered mobile.
  • After entering OTP click on Submit.
  • Now select your vehicle number.
  • Once you select your vehicle number, you can see your HDFC Fastag wallet available balance.

Checking HDFC Fastag balance through Miss Call

HDFC Fastag holders can check the balance of their Fastag by giving a Miss Call on this number: +91-8884333331. This toll free number has been issued by IHMCL i.e Indian Highway Management Company Limited, a company which keeps record for all Fastag accounts across India. This facility is available 24X7 and the important thing to mention about this facility is that there is no need for the internet for this.

If more than one vehicle is registered on a mobile number, then the FASTag balance of all the vehicles will arrive in the SMS. A separate SMS will be sent for the vehicle whose Fastag balance is low.

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