How to Deactivate your Airtel Payment Bank Fastag

If you have a four wheeler vehicle, then you must be well aware of what a Fastag is and how to purchase, activate and recharge it. But do you know how to deactivate or close a Fastag account? If not, then here in this article we will explain in complete detail, how to deactivate your Fastag. Suppose you have a Fastag purchased from Airtel, then here you will find everything you need to know about deactivating your Airtel Fastag account.

There may be many situations when you have to deactivate or close your Airtel Fastag. For any reason like you have sold your old car, purchased a new car, your Fastag is not working, bar code is not working properly, the windscreen of your car is broken or for any other reason you have to deactivate your Airtel Fastag. If you don’t deactivate your Fastag for any of the above reasons, then the amount will automatically get deducted from your account.

We will explain step by step how you can easily deactivate your Airtel Fastag account from your mobile phone.

Usually vehicle owners purchase Fastag from these sources like Paytm, Banks or any other POS (Point of Sale) which are authorized by NHAI like Airtel.

The simplest method of deactivating your Airtel Fastag is by calling the Fastag helpline number i.e 1033. After calling this number you have to initiate a request to deactivate your Fastag account.

Another way of deactivating a Fastag account is by calling the toll free number of the particular Fastag provider which in our case is Airtel.

You can contact the customer support center of Airtel by calling at the phone number 8800688006. Once you call this number, the customer care executive of Airtel will guide you how you can quickly and hassle free deactivate your Airtel Fastag Account.

Airtel Customer Care Number for Deactivating Fastag:


Steps to deactivate Airtel Payment Bank Fastag

  • When you call on the above phone number you will be asked to choose a particular number to deactivate your Fastag account.
  • After pressing the required number, you will receive a message on your registered mobile number.
  • This message is from Airtel for the closing of your Fastag account. This message says, click on the link to deactivate your Airtel Fastag account.
  • Also in this message it is mentioned that, fill in the required details to close the Fastag account.
  • So after clicking the link received on your phone, Airtel page to close the Fastag will open up.
  • Here you will have to mention much-required information.
  • You have to mention the reason for closing your Fastag account. Here you mention the particular reason for closing the account like you have sold your car etc.
  • Then you have to provide the RC number of the vehicle.
  • Also you have to enter your Airtel Fastag id and Bar code number.
  • You also have to upload the scanned copy of your RC which should be very clear.
  • After providing all these information your request for deactivating the Airtel Payment Bank Fastag will be submitted.

We can summarize the above steps as, after filling the form and desired information your request for deactivating the Airtel Payment Bank Fastag will be submitted. You will see a message saying, it may take some moment to submit your closing request. A message will arrive on your mobile phone in which it is mentioned that the Airtel customer support team has received your request for closing the Fastag and it will be processed soon.

After following the above-mentioned steps, your request for closing the Airtel Payment Bank Fastag account will be submitted and your account will be closed within a few days.

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