How to Recharge SBI Fastag using Google Pay

A new electronic toll collection system has been started in India by National Highways Authority of India which is made compulsory from February 15, 2020. It is now made mandatory for all four wheeler drivers to install Fastag on their vehicle’s screen.

Fastag was made mandatory by the Government of India at toll plazas for every four wheeler on December 1, 2019 but then this date was extended many times and finally it was extended to Feb 15, 2021 so that everyone could buy Fastag for their vehicles. By installing Fastag on their vehicle, the vehicle owners will be able to avoid inconvenience on toll plazas.

In this article you will be able to know everything about Fastag and how to recharge it using Google Pay. There are many such questions that come in the mind of every person, whose answer you can easily know here.

There are two ways to make FASTAG:-

Buying Fastag Offline

The first method is offline in which you can get Fastag from National Highway Toll Plaza, Regional Transport Office, Common Service Center, Transport.Hubs and from the point of sale location (POS) of bank branches and selected petrol pumps.

Buying Fastag Online

The second method of making Fastag is online in which you can buy FASTAG from selected banks which are authorized by National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) or you One can also get Fastag online through MyFastag App.

Recharging SBI Fastag Usign Google Pay

No matter which method we use for purchasing a Fastag, we can recharge it by using Google Pay.  We will consider the example that you have got your Fastag from SBI bank. When the balance in your SBI FASTag Account is low or nill, then you have to recharge it otherwise your Fastag will be blacklisted.

The information about the balance and updates of your SBI FASTag account is given to you from time to time via SMS on the registered mobile number.You can also recharge SBI FASTag online through Debit card / credit card / NEFT / RTGS, Net Banking or online wallets like Google Pay. Using Google Pay, you can conveniently recharge your SBI Fastag from your mobile anytime and anywhere.

Keep in mind that, without Fastag, you will have to give penalty by paying double amount. Google Pay has recently added this feature of Installing your SBI Fastag, into the App. As most of the other UPI based Apps have been upgraded to recharge the Fastag throught them, Google Pay also has been upgraded by integrating this feature.

Google issued an official statement in which they announced that by entering the vehicle number in the next screen, users will be able to pay with the help of the bank. Along with this, users will also be able to find the balance of their FASTag account including SBI Fastag with the help of Google Pay.

Suppose you have purchased Fastag for your vehicle from SBI bank, then below is the step by step guide for recharging it using Google Pay. The process of recharging your SBI Fastag through Google Pay is very simple and quick. You can easily recharge your SBI Fastag by using Google Pay in few steps.

  • First of all you have to open Google Pay App in your Mobile Phone
  • If you have not downloaded Google Pay App yet, then you can easily download it from Play Store.
  • To recharge the SBI FASTag account with Google Pay you need to link both.
  • After Opening Google Pay App you have to click on ‘New Payment’ option.
  • Then you will see various options. Here you have to select ‘UPI Id or QR’
  • After clicking the ‘UPI Id or QR’, you will be see the option ‘UPI Id’.
    Click on the UPI id. Then you have to type NETC.your vehicle [email protected]. For example: netc.rj05h2415@sbi
  • Now click on on Verify Button.
  • Now choose the bank account for the Payment.
  • After that you can make the payment by using ‘Pay’ Button
  • You can make an initial payment of Rs. 1 for testing through Google Pay.
  • After verifying make the complete payment with which you want to recharge your SBI Fastag.
  • Now your SBI Fastag has been recharged through Google Pay

Since Google Pay uses UPI for the transactions of money, so if your SBI Fastag is not recharged even after adding money through Google Pay, then you have to  visit the UPI id bank for this issue.

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