Kangra Airport (DHM) Flight Schedule & Code – Himachal Pradesh

Kangra Airport also known as Gaggal Airport is located in Gaggal area of Kangra district. The Gaggal Airport mostly serves the tourists and visitors coming from the India’s National Captial Delhi as there are many flights to this airport from Delhi Airport.

Kangra Airport being located at the distance of 8 KM from the main city of Kangra and about 12 KM from Dharamshala is the quickest way to reach this beautiful hilly area from the nearby cities.

Located at an altitude of 2492 feet, Kangra Airport is spread in an area of about 1269 meters. There is one runway at this airport which is 30 meteres wide and 1372 meters long. Currently there are only domestic flights to and from Kangra Airport and the most of the flights are to and from Delhi.
The nearest big city to Kangra Airport is Chandigarh but unfortunately there are no direct flights between Kangra and Chandigarh Aiprort.

The Airport, spread over 1269 acres at an altitude of 2492 feet has one asphalt runway, oriented 15/33, 1372 metres long and 30 metres wide. Its 300 by 200 foot apron provides parking space for 2 turboprop aircraft like the ATR-72, while its terminal building can handle 100 passengers.

Kangra Airport is the starting point for your tour to the Kangra and beautiful locations of Dharamshala. In other words In fact Kangra Airport is almost always the starting and ending point of a vacation in Dharamshala or its nearby areas.

Kangra Airport is experiencing some strong growth in the traffic and passengers arrivals.
Kangra Airport makes it a gateway to tourist from all over India as well as the foreign countries. Gaggal Airpor is one of the busiest airports in the Himachal and offers quite good number of flights regularly.

The Kangra Airport is very small airport like other Airports of Himachal and currently the airport is able to handle only small aircraft having capacity of just 80 passengers. The Himachal Government and the Airport authorities of India have planned to expand the Kangra airport the Work has already been started for the land acuqistion.

There are numerous transportation options available at Gaggal Airport, including local buses and taxis. As the buses are usually crowdy and there is not much frequency, so you can hire a car and grab a low cost deal to reach the Kangra Airport.

Passengers should arrive at Kangra Airport few hours before a domestic flight departure.

Hotels Nearby Kangra Airport:

There are many hotels located within 1 or 2 KM area of Kangra Airport which provides low cost accommodation.

What to do after landing:

After landing at the Kangra Airport the first thing you have to do is obviously get off your plane, head to the baggage claim area and exit outside the airport. Then follow the directions for the rental cars area or public transportation.

Useful Services at Kangra Airport

Without going into the basic services such as restaurants, bars, ATMs and shops, present in all the airports, we present an overview of the really useful services at Kangra Airport.


A good speed wi-fi connection service is available inside the Kangra airport terminal and allows free access to broadband internet connection. Passengers can take advantage of this free internet service.

Luggage Storage

The luggage storage service at Kangra airport is managed by the Airport Authority of India and is located inside the airport premises. For those wishing to use the service, identity documents and travel documents will be requested.

Lounge Services:

Kangra airport has lounge rooms to wait for the flight in a welcoming environment with services and facilities designed specifically for all types of travelers. The rooms can be used for taking rest and waiting for the flights.

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