Learn How to Change Mobile Number in Axis Bank

Axis bank started its operation in India in 1993 with name UTI bank. It worked with the same name for 13 years and later changed the name to Axis Bank on 30 July
2007. Axis bank is the third largest private sector bank in India with near about 4000 branches and 14000 ATMs all across the country. Axis also has one of the largest
networks of ATMs in the country when we talk about private banks.

With the emergence of internet and facilities like ATMs, it is not necessary for you to visit your bank physically for making transactions or many other banking
related operations which avoids standing in queues. Also if your mobile number is registered with the bank, then you can get notifications and messages regarding your
transactions directly on your mobile numbers. So we can say that these days its must to have your mobile number linked with your bank account.

Today we are going to tell you in simple words, how you can change your mobile linked to Axis bank. As of now, the bank has not provided the facility of changing the
mobile number through Internet banking, but there are many other ways which allows you to change the Mobile number in some easy steps.

In the official website of Axis bank there are two methods of changing the Mobile number are mentioned which you can check here (https://www.Axisbank.com/bank-
smart/sms-banking/update-and-unsubscribe). You can also see in the following image also.

So as clear in the above image, there are two ways of changing your Registered Mobile number in Axis bank:

  1. Changing Mobile no. in Axis bank by visiting branch
  2. Changing Mobile no. in Axis bank using ATM

1) Changing Mobile no. in Axis bank by visiting branch

The first method of updating your Mobile number linked to Axis bank is to visit your bank branch. The steps that you need to follow for changing the mobile number
through bank branch are:

  • Visit nearest branch of Axis bank
  • Ask for the ‘Customer Request form’ at the branch.
  • You can also download Axis bank ‘Cusotmer Request Form’ here:
  • Fill the required information in this form like:
    Customer Name
    Customer id
    Account No.
    Date of Request
  • Fill your new Mobile no. in the ‘Update Mobile Number’ Field.
  • Do your signatures at the End of the Form after filling all the necessary information.
  • Submit the form at Help Desk of Axis bank.

Your request for changing the Mobile number successfully done and your number will be updated within three working days.

2) Changing Mobile no. in Axis bank through ATM:

The second method of changing Mobile no. in Axis bank is with the help of ATM. This is the most commonly used and the simplest process of changing the Mobile number
not only in Axis bank but also in any other bank. The steps you need to follow for changing the Mobile number in Axis bank through ATM are:

  • Visit Axis bank ATM situated near you.
  • Enter your ATM PIN after inserting the ATM Card.
  • A list of Menu Options appears.
  • Select Registration Option from this list.
  • After this Choose ‘Change Mobile Number’ Option
  • You will see a message which says: Account no. XXXXXXXXXX is registered with mobile number eg. 8976432245
  • Now you have to choose the ‘Update’ Option
  • Choose ‘Confirm’ after adding your new Mobile Number.
  • You have to Re-type the new mobile number in the next screen and choose the Confirm Option
  • You will see a confirmation message on ATM screen.

The process of changing Mobile Number through Axis bank ATM is complete and your number will be updated within 24 hours.

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