List of Best Private and Government B.ed Colleges in Himachal Pradesh (H.P.)

B.Ed is a very important course in India for getting a teaching job in any reputed private or Government school of India. B.Ed stands for Bachelors of Education. Having a B.Ed degree is now mandatory to get a job in even any private school also since 2019. So no matter you want a teaching job in any private or Government school of India you must have B.Ed degree.

Eligibility Criteria, qualification for B.Ed Course

To obtain a Bachelor’s of Education degree i.e to pursue B.Ed course the applicant must fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant or candidate who wants to do B.Ed degree must have done graduation in any of this stream: Bachelors of Science, Bachelors of Commerce, or Bachelors of Arts.
  • The candidate must have obtained at least 50% of the marks in graduation from any of the above streams.
  • The candidate must have passed graduation from a reputed college affiliated to a recognized university.

The entrance exam for B.Ed Course

To pursue a degree of B.Ed, the applicant must have to first appear in an entrance exam.
The entrance exam of B.Ed contains questions related to various subjects.
After cleaning the entrance exam, the candidates have to face counseling.
The colleges are allocated to the candidates based on their rankings in the entrance exam.

Syllabus of B.Ed Entrance exam in Himachal Pradesh

As mentioned above the entrance exam of B.Ed contains questions on various topics and subjects. Below is the list of main subjects and topics that are asked in the entrance exam of B.Ed

  • Numerical and Reasoning
  • Teaching Aptitude
  • General English
  • General Knowledge/awareness
  • Questions may also be asked based on some states local language

Duration of B.Ed Course In Himachal Pradesh

The duration of the B.Ed Course is two years. Candidates can pursue a B.Ed course through regular classes or can attend distance learning classes. In both cases, the course will be completed in 2 years after which the candidate will get his degree of B.Ed and can apply for the teaching job based on that.

Private and Government B.Ed colleges in Himachal Pradesh

To join B. Ed degree program in Himachal Pradesh, you must clear an entrance exam as mentioned above and take admission in any private or Government college of the state. There are many reputed Private and Government colleges in Himachal Pradesh that offers a degree program in B.Ed. Below is the detailed list of B.Ed colleges in Himachal Pradesh.

List of B.Ed Colleges in Himachal Pradesh
Sr.No. Name of the College Subject/Courses E-mail Tel. No Year of Establish
1. A One College of Education, Raja Ka- Bag, Nurpur, Distt. Kangra. HP. B.Ed. 01893-226741 2008
2. Abhilashi College of Education, Ner Chowk Teh. Sadar, Distt. Mandi. (HP) B.Ed.  M.Ed 01905-243239 2000
3. Adarsh College of Education, Amarpur, Tehsil, Ghumarwin Distt Bilaspur, HP Ph -01978-259102, 9816291911 B. Ed 98164-13465 2007
4. Astha College of Education, Vill, Hatkot, Kunihar, Tehsil Arki, Distt. Solan, HP B. Ed 01796-262765 2007
5. Bhardwaj Shikshan Sansthan, VPO Baral, Tehsil Karsog, Distt. Mandi, HP B.Ed Not Available 98161-85103 2007
6. BKD College for Women, Paonta Sahib, Distt. Sirmour. (HP) B.Ed. 92184-08078 2000
7. Blooms College of Education, Kot, PO Chunahan Distt. Mandi, HP B.Ed. 01905-244366 2003
8. Bushehar B.Ed. Institute PO Nogli, Rampur, Distt. Shimla, HP B.Ed. 94180-33198 2006
9. Chamba Millinium Education Society, Saraswati Nagar, Mugla, PO Hardaspura, Distt. Chamba, HP B.Ed 94181-11655 2007
10. DAV Govt. College, Daulatpur-Chowk, Distt. Una, HP B.Ed. Not Available 01976-265035 2003
11. Dawarka Dass Memorail Sai college of Education, Village Kallar PO Jalari, Tehsil Nadaun, Distt. Hamirpur-177042, HP B.Ed. 01972-233520 2003
12. Dean Dayal Mahesh Public College of Education, Sugh Bhatoli, PO Mandoli, Distt. Kangra (HP) B.Ed. Not Available 01893-272006 2006
13. Deen Dayal Upadhayay College of Education, Mehre, Distt. Hamirpur, HP B.Ed 01972-288072 2007
14. Doon International College of Education, Rajban, Paonta Sahib, Distt. Sirmour, HP B.Ed Not Available 01704-266170 2007
15. Dronacharya College of Education, PO Rait, Tehsil Shahpur,Distt. Kangra-176208, HP B.Ed.   M.Ed 01892-202851 2006
16. Gayatri College of Education, PO Kangoo, Tehsil Sundernagar, Distt. Mandi, HP B.Ed. 01907-283348 2006
17. Gian Jyoti Institute of Bachelor Education, NH Road, Vill. Ichhi, P.O. Gagal, Teh. & Distt. Kangra-176209, HP B.Ed. Not Available 01892-231945 2003
18. Govt. College of Education, Dharamshala, Distt. Kangra, HP B.Ed. 01892-223140 1956
19. H.P. College of Education, Mauja Majeth, PO Totu, Shimla-11, HP B.Ed Not Available 0177-2837711 2007
20. Hamirpur College of Education, Ward No. 10, Ram Nagar, Choulla Hamipur-177001, HP B.Ed. Not Available 94180-69550 2003
21. Him Institute of Education, Ponda Tehsil Nichar, Distt. Kinnaur, HP B.Ed. Not Available 01786-253340 2006
22. Himachal Collge of Education, Nalagarh at Kishanpura, Nalagarh Distt. Solan (HP)-174101, HP B.Ed. 01795-236076 1999
23. Himachal Institute of Education, Bye Pass Road, Near Petrol Pump, Amar Building, Solan (HP)-173212, HP B.Ed. Not Available 01792-224150 1999
24. Himachal Pradesh College of Education, Kala Amb, District Sirmour (HP). B.Ed. Not Available 01702-238313 2003
25. Himalyan College of Education Pungh, Sundernagar, Distt. Mandi-174401, HP B.Ed. Not Available 01907-266244 2006
26. Indian Institute of Education, Hari Devi, Near Ghanahatti, Distt. Shimla-171 011, HP B.Ed.  M.Ed. 0177-2775018 2002
27. Jagriti Teachers Training College Deodhar, PO Talyahar, Distt. Mandi -175001, HP B.Ed. Not Available 01905-263418 2004
28. Janak Raj Mahajan, B.Ed. College, Gangath, Tehsil Nupur, Distt. Kangra.- 176204, HP B.Ed. Not Available 01893-275287 2002
29. Jupiter College of Education, Vill. Mairi Tehsil Amb, Distt. Una. HP. B.Ed. Not Available 01976-263094 2008
30. Kanta College of Education, Chalwara, Tehsil Jawali, Distt. Kangra, HP B.Ed 01893-262333 2007
31. KLB, DAV College for Girls Palampur, Distt. Kangra -176061, HP B.Ed. 01894232587 2005
32. Krishma Education Centre, Village Ner Chowk Mandi (H.P.) B.Ed.  M.Ed Not Available 01905-243500 2003
33. Kshtriya College of Education, Kathgadh Road, Kursain, Indora, Distt. Kangra, HP B.Ed. 01893-241935 2006
34. Kullu College of Education, Village Bohgana, P.O. Garse, Distt. Kullu, HP B.Ed. 01902-203331 2002
35. Lakshay Institute of Education, Arki. Solan, HP B.Ed. 01796-220220 2008
36. Lala Lilu Ram Educational Trust, Jabli Kyar, PO Oachghat, Distt Solan, HP B.Ed 01792-252856 2007
37. Laureate Institute of Education & Training, (Brance-Peth), Bhrari, Shimla-1. HP B.Ed. 0177-2804065 2006
38. Lalgee B.Ed College, NH-21 Po. Gutkar, Tehsil. Sadar, Distt. Mandi, HP B. Ed 01905-247177 2007
39. Lord Buddha College of Education Baldawara, Sarkaghat, Distt Mandi, HP B.Ed 01907-265844 2007
40. Minerva College of Education, Changrar, Tehsil. Indora Distt. Kangra, HP. B.Ed. 01893-205349 2008
41. Minerva Education Society, Baggi, Tehsil and Distt. Mandi, HP B.Ed 01905-244481 2007
42. MLSM B.Ed.College, Sunder Nagar, Distt. Mandi, HP B.Ed. B.P.Ed 01907-266339 1998
43. Modern Education College, Annadale, Shimla , HP B.Ed 0177-2802917 2007
44. Nalanda College of Education, VPO Jhaniari, Distt. Hamirpur-177001, HP B.Ed. 01972-221287 2000
45. Namdhari Education Society, Bhojpur, Sundernagar, Distt, Mandi, HP B.Ed.   M.Ed 94181-13172 2007
46. Noble College of Education, NH-21, Vill. Seog, PO Pandoh, Distt. Mandi-175124, HP B.Ed. 01905-282888 2006
47. R.C.College of Education, Dhanot, PO Adhwani Teh. Dehra Distt. Kangra-176036, HP B.Ed. 01970-273308 2003
48. Raj Rajeshwari College of Education Ward No. 3 Partap Nagar, Distt. Hamirpur-177001, HP B.Ed. 01972-221332 2003
49. Rameshwari Teachers Training, Institute Upper HPSEB Colony Sarabai, Distt.Kullu.-175125, HP B.Ed. B.P.ED 01902-265156 2003
50. Sarvopalli Radha Krishnan Institute, Nogli, NH-22, Rampur Bushahar, Distt. Shimla (HP)-172001, HP B. Ed.  M.Ed 01782-271325 2006
51 Shanti Alya Institute of Education and Training, Vill. Rampur, Keonthal, Distt. Shimla, HP B. Ed. 0177-2736782 2004
52. Shanti Educational Society, Kailash Nagar, Nakroh, Tehsil Amb. Distt. Una, HP B. Ed.  M.Ed 01976-268376 2007
53. Shanti Niketan College of Education, Hira Nagar, ward No. 1, Distt. Hamirpur (HP). B. Ed. Not Available 01972-223263 2003
54. Sharan College of Education for Women, Ghurkhari, Distt. Kangra, HP B. Ed. 01892-265888  
55. Shiksha Bharti B.Ed. College, Kotla Khurd, Distt. Una. ,HP B. Ed. 01975-200347 2002
56. Shimla College of Education, Sheetal Kunj Estate, Kamla Nagar, Sanjauli, Shimla-6, HP B. Ed.   M.Ed 0177-2841414 2007
57. Shiv Shakti College of Advanced Study in Education, Kheri Road, Rajgarh, Distt. Sirmour, HP B. Ed. 01799-220904 2006
58. Shiva College of Education, Abdhani (Panol), Distt. Bilaspur , HP B. Ed 01978-256003 2007
59. SVN College of Education, Tarkwari (Bhoranj), Distt. Hamirpur-176045, HP B. Ed. M.Ed. 01972-266070 1999
60. SVSD Govt. College, Bhatoli, Distt. Una, HP B. Ed. 01975-256044 1998
61. Thakur College of Education, Dhaliara, Tehsil Dehra, Distt. Kangra, HP B. Ed 01970-268755 2007
62. Trisha College of Education, Thain, PO Jol Sappar (RANGAS), Distt. Hamirpur-177048, HP B. Ed. M.Ed 01972241833 2003
63. Vaidh Shankar Lal Memorial College of Education, VPO Chandi, Tehsil Kasuali, Distt. Solan-173206, HP B. Ed. M.Ed 01792-278884 2006
64. Vaishno College of Education Village Thapkour, PO Bhadroya, Teh. Nurpur, Distt. Kangra-176403, HP B. Ed.  M.Ed 01893-233400 2005
65. Vallabh Govt. College, Mandi, Distt. Mandi, HP B. Ed. 01905-235505 2005
66. Venkateshwar Shiksha Samiti, Vill. Dhillon, PO Sultanpur, Distt. Solan, HP B. Ed 01792-268533 2007
67. Vijay Memorial College of Education, Ner-Chowk, Distt. Mandi, HP B. Ed. 01905-242270 2006
68. Vijay Vallabh College of Education, Nadaun at Bela, Distt. Hamirpur, HP B. Ed Not Available 2007
69. Awasthi Memorial College of Education Shamnagar, Dharnshala, Kangra. HP. B. Ed 01892-222263 2009
70. Priyadarshni College of Education, Hardaspura, Chowari, Distt. Chamba. HP. B. Ed 94181-30766 2009
71. Neelam College of Education, Jimjimaa, Jogindernagar, Distt. Mandi, HP B. Ed 94184-49909 2010
72. Gurukul Bharti College of Education, Vill. Benla Brahmana, Po. Chandpur, Distt. Bilaspur, HP B.Ed 01978-242200 2011
73. Sai Sarswati Institute for Teacher Education, Plot No.25/30, Vill. Krechi Via Sangti, PO. Summer Hill, Shimla-5 B.Ed Not Available 2012-13
74. Tara College of Education, Vill. Bassa Waziran, P.O. Bhugnara, Tehsil. Nurpur, Distt. Kangra, HP B.Ed Not Available Not Available 2015

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