List of Best Private and Government Ayurvedic Colleges in Himachal Pradesh (H.P.)

Ayurveda is one of the oldest ways of medical treatments that is mainly originated in India and now has spread all over the world.

All the treatment in Ayurveda involves treatment with specific ayurvedic medicines but there are many forms of Ayurvedic treatment. Some other forms of Ayurvedic treatment other than medicines involve massages, purification of the body through various ways, relaxation, and beauty therapies all of which can be combined with medicines.

Some rare and critical diseases for which treatment is not possible in medical science and modern allopathy, there are many treatments available in Ayurveda that are usually harmless and have no side effects.

Ayurveda works on the root of the disease and it works on the cause of the disease and accordingly the treatment is done.

Many common diseases like asthma, headache, anxiety, insomnia, overweight, various skin diseases, gastrointestinal disorders which have no permanent treatment in modern medical science can be easily cured with natural Ayurvedic treatment.

So Ayurvedic Doctors are basically those medical practitioners who do the treatments based on the old traditional methods. The role of Ayurveda is not only to treat or cure diseases but Ayurvedic products and medicines can also be used by anyone to improve their health and lifestyle.

What is the importance and Role of Ayurvedic Doctors?

India is a big country with a large population. Villages are the heart of India as a huge percentage of India lives in villages, so it is still not possible in every village and rural area to have the reach of allopathy and modern medical treatment. Here comes the role of Ayurvedic Doctors and Ayurvedic treatment. Many diseases are developing among the people in India whose treatments are so far not possible in Allopathy. These diseases have a very effective treatment available in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic treatment also has no side effects on the human body.

Qualification and eligibility to become Ayurvedic Doctor in Himachal Pradesh

To become an Ayurvedic Doctor in Himachal Pradesh, the students must choose a medical stream in their 12th class and then have to complete a bachelors degree in Ayurveda which is known as BAMS from a recognized private or Government college of Himachal Pradesh

The other eligibility criteria to become an Ayurvedic Doctor in Himachal Pradesh is mentioned below:

  • The candidate or the student who wants to apply for a BAMS degree for becoming an Ayurvedic Doctor must be a 12th pass in the science stream with Physics, Chemistry, Biology as his main subjects.
  • Students who have done Graduation like BSC in Physics, Chemistry, Biology can also apply for the BAMS course.

How to become an Ayurvedic Doctor in Himachal Pradesh

As mentioned above, to become an Ayurvedic Doctor in Himachal Pradesh a candidate must fulfill the above criteria and also have to choose a reputed college to complete his BAMS degree.

  • After completing the above Criteria, the candidate must have to appear in a state-level BAMS entrance test of Himachal Pradesh.
  • After clearing the BAMS entrance test, the candidates will be allotted any college depending upon their performance or merit in the test.
  • There is a long list of Ayurvedic Colleges in Himachal Pradesh in which students can join the BAMS course.

The whole list of the most popular and reputed Private and Government Ayurvedic colleges of Himachal Pradesh(HP) is mentioned in the below table.

Govt. Ayurvedic Colleges
Sr.No.Name of the CollegeSubject/CoursesE-mailTel. NoYear of Establish
1.Rajiv Ghandi Post Graduate Ayurvedic College Paprola Distt. Kangra H.P.BAMS (UG) MD/MS (PG)[email protected]01894-2420641972
2.Shive Ayurvedic Ayruvigyan College & Hospital Vill. Lohunoo Katain, P.O. Chandpur, Teh, Sadar Distt. Bilaspur, H.P.BAMS[email protected]Not Available2016

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