State Bank of India (SBI) Bank Fastag – Login, Recharge & Customer Care Number

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How to Purchase SBI FASTag?

SBI is one of the largest national government banks in India. SBI has also started issuing the FASTag incorporated by NPCI under the scheme of the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC). The SBI issues an SBI FASTag chip which is a rectangular tag in the size of 10*5 cm which contains an antenna and chip. The tag which is attached on the front windshield of the four-wheeler uses Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) to deduct the toll fees at the toll plazas located on the national and state highways. SBI FASTag is valid on all toll plazas which come under the NETC program. SBI FASTag purchase can be made by submitting an SBI FASTag registration application to the Bank through SBI FASTag portal or by visiting the bank.

Benefits of the SBI FASTag

  • Cashback for all the transactions at all the National Highway Toll plazas.
  • Save Time, Fuel and Money
  • Easy recharge/Top up of the SBI FASTag account through authorized service providers of SBI across the country.
  • Online recharge of the SBI FASTag through the dedicated online portal for the customer through credit card, debit card, net banking, wallets, etc.
  • You can view transaction history, toll payment history, balance in the account, etc. in the customer portal

How to get an SBI FASTag Application?

You can apply for SBI FASTag application by visiting the points of sale location located at SBI bank branches located in the country

SBI FASTag Application

You can apply for SBI FASTag by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to any point of sale location of the SBI Bank and take your four-wheeler along with you.
  • Ask for the SBI FASTag Application form from the banking representative and fill all the details listed in the form.
  • Attach the following documents along with the SBI FASTag application form: KYC Documents: Aadhar Card, PAN Card or Voter Card; One Passport Size photograph of the owner of the vehicle; Registration Certificate of the vehicle.
  • Verify all the details filled in the form and duly sign the form.
  • Submit the form to the banking officer and pay the required fees.
  • Your SBI FASTag will be created and it will be affixed on your four-wheelers front windshield.

SBI FASTag KYC Update Online

It is necessary to do KYC of your SBI FASTag as it includes monetary transactions. There are two types of SBI KYC update.

Limited KYC Holder’s Account

In this type of SBI FASTag, an account holder can load a maximum amount of RS 10,000. The reload limit of this type of account is also capped at Rs 10,000. For KYC of this account you need the following documents which include your Passport, NREGA Card, PAN Card, Driving Licence, Voter’s Identity Card, and Aadhaar Card.

Full KYC Holder’s Account

In this type of SBI FASTag account, you can load an amount of Rs 1,00,000 in your SBI FASTag account and there is no limit on reloading amount. The KYC documents are the same as Limited KYC Holder’s account.

SBI FASTag Fee and Charges

SBI FASTag charges are dependent on the type of vehicle being applied by the owner of the vehicle. Vehicle classes include type 4 vehicle which includes Car / Jeep / Van/ Tata Ace and similar mini light commercial vehicle, type 5 including Light Commercial Vehicle, type 6 including Three Axle Commercial Vehicles, type 7 which includes a bus/ truck, type 12 including 4 to 6 axle vehicle, type 15 including 7 or more axle vehicle and type 16 which includes Heavy Construction Machinery (HCM)/Earth Moving Equipment (EME). The tag issuance charges by SBI are Rs 100 and the security amount and minimum balance required for the activation of the FASTag depends on vehicle class. You can follow the below-mentioned table to see what are the charges for the SBI FASTag:

SBI Fastag Fee and Charges

Sr. No.Vehicle Class No.ParticularsSecurity AmountMinimum Balance
14Car / Jeep / Van/ Tata Ace and similar mini light commercial vehicle200100
25Light Commercial Vehicle300140
36Three Axle Commercial Vehicles400300
5124 to 6 axle400300
6157 or More Axle400300
716Heavy Construction Machinery (HCM)/Earth Moving Equipment (EME)400300

How to Recharge SBI FASTag

After the tag creation and using your FASTag at the various toll plazas during your journey at national highways, your FASTag account balance will get exhausted. You need to recharge your FASTag account to continue your journey on the highways. SBI FASTag can be recharged by paying cash at points of sale locations located at toll plazas and it can be recharged using debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and UPI. The recharge amount is limited to Rs 2,000 if you are using UPI method for recharging your SBI FASTag account SBI has also an SBI FASTag portal where you can log in and get your FASTag recharged. Follow the steps mentioned below to get your account recharged through the SBI FASTag portal.

  • Go to the SBI FASTag portal through the link and login with your mobile number and password which you used during registration for SBI FASTag.
  • When you will get logged in your SBI FASTag portal, you will see an option of “Tag Recharge” on the menu.
  • There will be various payment methods listed when you click on “Tag Recharge”.
  • Select your preferred method of payment and fill the amount by which you want to recharge your FASTag account.
  • Your FASTag account will get recharged after the successful payment.

What is SBI FASTag Toll-Free Number?

The SBI has issue FASTag to many consumers but the consumer might face some problems regarding their FASTag while using on national highways. The common problems which can occur during your SBI FASTag are:

  • The tag of your vehicle is showing blacklisted even I it is not.
  • The SBI FASTag is not accepted at toll plazas.
  • The toll plaza is not issuing the monthly pass even if you are residing within 10km of the plaza.

The SBI FASTag has issued a toll-free number which you can use if you face any of the above issues. The SBI FASTag Toll-Free Number is: SBI FASTag Toll-Free Number: 1800 11 0018 Please lodge your FASTag related complaints to Email ID and CC to

What is SBI Fastag?

SBI Fastag is a toll collection technique in which RFID i.e Radio Frequency Identification is used. It is like a chip that is installed on the windscreen of the vehicle. As soon as your vehicle crosses the Toll plaza, the sensor installed there will scan the SBI Fastag on your windscreen, and Toll charges will be deducted from your Fastag account.

Is there a validity period for the SBI Fastag?

SBI Fastag has a validity of 5 years. It means that you have to renew the Fastag on your vehicle after 5 years.

What to do if my SBI Fastag is not read or scanned at the Toll Plaza?

If your SBI Fastag is not scanned then there may be two reasons for it, first is that the Scanner at the Toll plaza where you are crossing is malfunctioned i.e it is not working. I this case you can pay the Toll charges by cash at the toll counter. The second reason may that there is an issue with only your Fastag, in which case you can ask the toll operator to use the handheld device to scan the SBI fastag so that the toll charges can be deducted from your account.

What to do if an incorrect deduction happens from your SBI account?

In this case, you can contact the toll-free number of SBI Fastag Customer care which is 1800 11 0018 so that they can provide you the assistance regarding the incorrect deduction.

What to do if my SBI Fastag is lost or damaged?

In case your SBI Fastag is lost or damaged you can simply call the Toll free number of the SBI Customer Care which is dedicated to providing the assistance regarding this. Call the Toll free number 1800 11 0018. After informing the customer care executive about the situation, they will guide you about this and you will be issued a new SBI Fastag as soon as possible.

SBI Fastag CSC:

CSC which stands for Common Service Center is a service launched by Indian Government so that the Indian citizens can get the benefits of E-governance services launched by the government. This scheme provides various services to the citizens of India including, Health, Education, Banking , Agriculture. The main motive of CSC is to provide top quality and cost effective E-governance service to the people of India. Under this CSC scheme, a completely new service known as Fastag has been launched which is basically an RFID technology based sticker that has been made mandatory to be attached on the front screen of your four wheeler since 01 December 2019. SBI also allows users to make registration at CSC and become agents to sell the Fastag stickers. By making registration at SBI CSC, you have a good opportunity to earn commission by selling Fastag. According to the advisory issued by the CSC on the official website, a person has to purchase a minimum of 70 Fastags. Below are the steps to register and purchase Fastag stickers through SBI CSC portal.

  • For this first of all you have to register the Digital Portal service i.e CSC by visiting this link:
  • After registering, login with your username and password.
  • After login, you have to click on the ‘Services’ option, where you have to type Fastag in the search box.
  • Then you will see three options there. Here you have to click on the ‘Fastag Service SBI Electronic Toll’ option.
  • When you click on this option, you will see Digital Service, VLE Portal. You have to Login Here
  • After login, you see a menu, where it is mentioned that you have to purchase a minimum of 70 Fastag stickers. Only then you will be given your SBI CSC Fastag login ID and password.
  • If anyone login into this portal for the first time, then they have to fill a registration form, where they have to enter information like, Name, Phone Number, Email id etc.
  • You also have to upload a scanned copy of your PAN Card and Aadhar Card.
  • You need to enter your Email id very carefully because all the information related to your agent membership will be provided on this email id.
  • Also enter your bank account details, because all your commission of selling the Fastag will be transferred to your account.
  • After registration, you have to click on the ‘Purchase’ tab.
  • Then you will have to choose the vehicle class from a menu that appears after clicking the ‘Purchase’ tab.
  • You have to select any vehicle class eg. Light Commercial vehicle, and then purchase a minimum of 10 stickers for any vehicle class with a total of 70 stickers for 7 classes of vehicles.
  • After selecting 70 stickers of 7 different classes, you have to click on Submit.
  • When you click on submit, then Rs 7000 will be deducted from your digital wallet and your order will be confirmed.
  • You will receive your agent Id and Password within 10-15 days and your ordered stickers will also be delivered to you.

SBI Fastag Blacklisted:

Sometimes when we pass through a toll plaza, then the scanner shows that our SBI Fastag is blacklisted. There are many reasons why our SBI Fastag shows blacklisted. Here we will let you know in detail the reasons behind the blacklisted Fastag.

SBI Fastag Blacklisted Reason:

There are four main reasons why our SBI Fastag is blacklisted.

  • First reason is that the Fastag is blacklisted at a particular toll plaza for some reasons like, the scanner at that toll is not working or there is some other issue with the scanner.
  • Second reason is that you mistakenly deactivated your SBI Fastag in that case your Fastag goes into suspension mode.
  • Third and the most common reason is that there is low balance in your card due to which your Fastag is blacklisted.
  • The fourth reason is that your Full KYC is not updated for the SBI Fastag due to which your Fastag is shown as blacklisted at a toll plaza.

SBI Fastag Blacklisted Removal:

You can follow the below procedure to get your SBI Fastag removed from blacklist.

  • In case of suspension, you have to go to your Fastag profile and follow the ‘Activation’ & ‘Deactivation’ step. Here you can click on the ‘Activate’ to remove it from the blacklist.
  • In case of SBI Fastag blacklisted due to low balance, you have to add desired money into your wallet which will automatically transfer to your Fastag account and it will be removed from the blacklist.
  • And if the Fastag is blacklisted due to KYC not updated, get it updated to remove your Fastag from the blacklist.

If you are still facing issues in removing your SBI Fastag from the blacklist, then you can call the Toll Free Number of 1800-11-0018 or email at In addition to this, a helpline number 1033 has been issued by NHAI for resolving any issues regarding Fastag including Blacklisted Fastag. By calling at 1033, you can get all the information as well as the solution for removing your Fastag from Blacklist.

SBI Fastag Agent

Dear readers as fastag has been made compulsory since 01 Dec 2020 for all vehicles passing through toll plaza and any vehicle without Fastag will have to pay double the amount of toll tax. So it means that there has been a big rise in the popularity and demand of Fastag. And so if you want to start the business of Fastag, then SBI is giving you a good opportunity to get a Fastag dealership and become its agent. So here in this article we will explain in complete detail, how you can start a Fastag business and how you can apply to become a Fastag agent. To start a Fastag business or to get its dealership, you don’t need a big investment, you can become a SBI Fastag agent with a very low investment. You can get an SBI Fastag dealership by investing about just Rs 50000 and can earn a good income. As mentioned above Fastag has been made mandatory, so all vehicle owners which have not installed Fastag yet will be required to install it and so there is good scope of earning by becoming a Fastag agent. Let’s start how you can become an SBI Fastag agent and start the business of selling Fastag.

Who can become Fastag Agent:

The main requirement to become SBI Fastag Agent and get its dealership are: Anyone who has some experience of marketing can apply to get the dealership of SBI Fastag. Although anyone can apply for the dealership, but the preference will be given to the persons who are:

  • Working as RTO Agent
  • Car Dealers
  • Transporters
  • Working in Fuel stations
  • Insurance Agents
  • Point of Sale agent

How much to invest to become an SBI Fastag Agent:

You will need to invest at least Rs 50000 to become the SBI Fastag Agent. In addition to this you must have some experience in working on computer and should have following devices:

  • At least one computer system (Laptop or Desktop)
  • Biometric Device
  • Printer

By having these devices and the capability to invest Rs. 50000, you can easily become an SBI Fastag agent and make a handsome income.

How to apply for become SBI POS Agent of Fastag:

A form is required to be filled up for applying to the POS Agent. You can see the form by clicking here:

Fastag Banks list with Customer Care Number

Sr No.Issuing BankCustomer Care Helpline No
1Axis Bank1800-419-8585
2ICICI Bank1800-2100-104
3IDFC Bank1800-266-9970
4State Bank of India1800-11-0018
5HDFC Bank1800-120-1243
6Karur Vysya Bank1800-102-1916
7EQUITAS Small Finance Bank1800-419-1996
8PayTM Payments Bank Ltd1800-102-6480
9Kotak Mahindra Bank1800-419-6606
10Syndicate Bank1800-425-0585
11Federal Bank1800-266-9520
12South Indian Bank1800-425-1809
13Punjab National Bank080-67295310
14Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op Bank1800-223-993
15Saraswat Bank1800-266-9545
16Fino Payments Bank1860-266-3466
17City Union Bank1800-2587200
18Bank of Baroda1800-1034568
19IndusInd Bank1860-5005004
20Yes Bank1800-1200
21Union Bank1800-222244
22Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Ltd1800-2667183
23Airtel Payments bank400

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