SBI FasTag Recharge Using UPI

Now it is possible for you to recharge your SBI Fastag with the help of any UPI app.
Below we are mentioning all the steps that are required to recharge Fastag using UPI app.

Here is a look at how you can recharge your SBI FASTag using the BHIM UPI app:

  • First you have to download UPI app on your android or ios enabled smartphone.
  • Click on the send option after launching the UPI app in your mobile.
  • Now you have to add the UPI virtual address of your Fastag. The UPI virtual address is in this form: (NETC.vehicle number) @banksupihandle)
  • Click on Proceed further after clicking on the Send to Self option.
  • The next step is to enter the desired amount, you want your Fastag to be recharged with.
  • After entering the amount of recharge, you have to re enter the Passcode after clicking on the Proceed.
  • A confirmation message will be received on your mobile, when your Fastag account is recharged.

Format of VPA: netc.(Vehicle number)@SBI

For Tag Amount Direct Loading to Vehicle:


netc.mh01ab1234@SBI        (10-digit vehicle number)
netc.0tn99R9999@SBI          (9-digit vehicle number)
netc.00ka666666@SBI          (8-digit vehicle number)
netc.000mh01xxx@SBI        (7-digit vehicle number)
netc.0000tn01xx@SBI          (6-digit vehicle number)

For Direct FASTag Wallet Account (CUG) Amount Loading:

netc.ib <8-digit Customer ID>@SBI

Example:- netc.ib67053050@SBI
**Please ensure that the correct vehicle number, Customer ID is mentioned in the VPA. The payment will not be processed with incorrect Customer IDs.

SBI FASTag 24 * 7 customer care @ Toll Free Number: 1800-110-018

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