PM Swamitva Yojana – What is it and various Benefits

Quick overview of PM Swamitva Scheme:

Here is a quick overview of this newly launched scheme by PM.

Name of the SchemePM Swamitva Scheme
Launched on24 April 2020
Launched byPM Narendra Modi
Department nameMinistry of Panchayati Raj
Article CategoryCentral Government
ObjectiveSurvey land and property in rural areas, provide bank loans on mapped village properties

During this period of Lockdown in all over the country, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has made some important announcements, especially for the villages.

Primer Minister Narendra Modi was addressing today i.e 24 April 2020 through a video Conferencing to the sarpanches across India on the occasion of ‘Panchayati Raj Diwas. PM Modi made some announcements in this Video Conferencing and also launched two projects: e-GrawSwaraj portal and app. In addition to this, Swamitva Yojna was also announced to be launched. In order to strengthen the infrastructure of the villages, the Govt. of India has decided to launch these projects.

Let’s have a closer and deeper look at what are these two schemes and how they will be beneficial for Villages.

e-GramSwaraj App:

The purpose of the e-GramSwarap app will be to record the full detailed information about the funds of Gram Panchayats and how it functions. The app will also help to pace up the speed of projects run by Gram Panchayats and will also help to maintain transparency with full security of all expenditures done for the village works.

Here are some of the features of the e-GramSwaraj app:

  • The e-GramSwaraj app is basically a Single Digital Platform that will keep information about the Panchayats accounts.
  • The App will provide information about the development works.
    and funds that need to be spent in the panchayat works.
  • And information regarding upcoming schemes and projects of the panchayat.
  • The biggest plus of this e-GramSwaraj app will be that every common person in the panchayat will be well aware of what transactions are going on and what kind of work in going on etc.

Swamitva Yojana:

This new scheme launched by PM Modi exclusively for villagers will have a lot of benefits for them. The first and foremost benefit of this scheme is that it will help in ending the confusion and quarrels over the property in the rural areas. A development scheme will be planned in the villages under this Swamitva Yojana.

PM Modi also announced that, similar to cities, the people in the village will also be able to get loans from banks easily. Drones will be used in the villages to Map the property.
By applying these tactics, the people will avoid quarreling, and as a result of which the development work will go on a rapid pace.

Although only 6 states have started this scheme on trial bases. These 6 states are:

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Uttrakhand
  • Haryana
  • Maharashtra

Very soon this Swamitva Yojana scheme will be implemented in all villages of India.

What is Swamitva Yojana”

Swamitva Yojana is nothing but just a practice to correctly estimate the properties of village people in an effort to avoid the quarrel between village people over the properties. A proprietary certificate will be given to the people of villages after mapping the property by taking the help of Drones. It will help in creating better planning of the development schemes for the village.

Property Ownership Certificate will be given

While addressing Panchayats on Panchayat Raj Day, PM Modi said that there are a lot of quarrels and fights in India’s rural areas and villages over the residential properties. We are taking this initiative by launching Swamitva Yojana which end help upending such type of disputes over properties in the villages. The help of drones will be taken to measure the properties and after that, the property will be given Certificate of ownership

What are the benefits of Swamitva Yojana:

This newly launched scheme is solely launched by taking into account the need of village people and it will be beneficial for them in many ways. Some of its benefits are:

  • The major purpose of Swamitva Yojana is to decide the ownership of the Village Residential property and to keep a record of it.
  • Many villagers have no record and documents of their residential properties.
  • Here comes the need of this scheme and that’s why Govt. decided to launch this scheme.
  • With the help of this Swamitva Yojana, the people of villages will now have the ownership of their residential properties.
  • By getting the ownership of their property through Scientific teleology, the village property owners can use this property for financial purposes.
    Panchayat will easily have the record of Residential areas of the village
  • It will help to bring the properties under Tax labs and it will also help to make tax collection easy.
  • With such earning, the Panchayats will be able to give more facilities in the villages.
  • The drones will give the exact mapping of the village property which will help in eliminating illegal possession of the property.

Need of PM Swamitva Yojna:

The village farmers are not apply for loan if they are not able to prove the ownership of their land. Thats why the Government has decided to launch this PM Swamitva Yojna that will help the villagers to get the loan against their Land. Ministry of Panchayati Raj announced that a property card will be made by the State Governments by doing the mapping of properties in right manner. This will help to give the ownership of the property to their real owners. In this way the land owners in the villages will be able to use their property for financial purposes. In other words, they will be able to easily get the loan. It will also be beneficial for the government, because it will make the process of tax calculation very easy.

How to Apply online for PM Swamitva Yojna

Follow the below steps to apply PM Swamitva Yojna Online.

  • First of all the user must visit the Official website of PM Swamitva Yojna by clicking here
  • Now click on the registration option to make the registration.
  • When you click on the new registration option, a form will appear.
  • Fill the information required in the form.
  • Click on the Submit button after filling all the necessary information carefully.
  • After submitting the form, any information regarding the registration will be received through SMS on your Mobile number.

Objective of PM Swamitva Yojna:

24 April is celebrated as the Panchiyati Raj Day in India and the objective of announcing the PM Swamitva Yojna by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this day is to provide the online supervision of the land of the rural farmers, mapping of the lands and giving their owners their rights which will help in bringing transparency in the ground process. This scheme will make the process of providing complete information to village quick. PM Modi said 5-6 ago, only about 100 Village Panchayats were linked to broadband connections but now there are about 1.25 Lac Panchayats linked to broadband. Now the village people can online see every information provided by the Government.

So the main objective of PM Swamitva Yojna are:

  • To make the process of property enrollment in the villages easy and simple.
  • Under this scheme, the land and properties of villagers will be mapped with the help of drones.
  • This scheme will help to make the verification process of property fast and will also help to reduce the corruption related to properties.
  • This scheme will also help the village farmers to take the loan.

Departments Which comes under PM Swamitva Yojna:

There are total of four departments which comes under PM Swamitva Yojna.

  1. State Panchayati Raj Department
  2. Survey of India
  3. Ministry of Panchayati Raj
  4. State Revenue Department

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